Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Table talk

I miss my guy. We haven't seen each other for a few days.

You'd think that after going five weeks without seeing each other that waiting six days would be a breeze. It's not.

Early last week, I attended an afternoon seminar with clients that my guy was leading. He was talking about code tables at one stage.

After work, we had some quality time in our usual treehouse setting. We had this fine conversation in-between kisses.
"I like hearing you talk," my guy said after we unlocked lips.
"I like hearing you talk, too. Talk to me about code tables," I pleaded with him while managing to squeeze in a kiss.
"How about just tables?" he asked me rhetorically. "I'd rather having you lying on a table while I kiss every inch of you. I'd then bend you over it and spank you hard, like the bad girl that you are."
It's my version of a Hallmark card. It's perfect.


  1. I agree being kissed all over or being Spanked, nope being Spanked is Better!

    1. When it doubt, go for the spanking. I couldn't agree with you more! =)