Monday, July 08, 2013

Does size truly matter?

The question that I am posing in this post is not what you think!

My guy is roughly two inches taller than I am. It is the first time where I have dated someone who is taller than I am.

While we were in Stockholm, my guy had put on a pair of jeans in our hotel room. It started this conversation:
"Are these your jeans?" he asked me, as he didn't have his glasses on.
"Yes, they are," I confirmed, smiling at him wearing my jeans. "How do they fit on you?"
"They fit nicely," he admitted.
"They are probably roomier in the leg area, but a bit tight crotch-wise?" I teased.
The funny thing is that my guy has teased me since we've been together that I wear too much GAP clothing. Whenever he tries on clothing from this store, it doesn't fit him well. Apparently, my jeans from this store fit him nicely.

We went out for dinner one evening. We went to an Italian restaurant and were seated on the patio. I was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. As the sun was setting, I was getting a bit cold. My guy took off his corduroy jacket and put it on me. I like his attentiveness.

As I have mentioned in the past, we are kind of like high school sweethearts. It was sweet of him to take care of me that way.

It was nice that I could put his jacket on. It fit! The arm length was perfect.
"Unfortunately, I can't button your jacket all the way up. My breasts are getting in the way."
"That's a good thing," he said with a huge grin.
It's nice that we can fit into each other's clothing. My guy does have larger hands and feet than I do, so we can't wear each other's shoes and gloves. That may be a good thing.

In the past, I always felt like I was the pudgy one in a relationship. My guy is thin in my eyes. It's also nice to finally realize that I am thin for my height. I am proud that I have managed to maintain the weight that I had lost two years ago.

I have a couple of Stockholm posts left to write. I will get to them soon. My guy is in Frankfurt this week. As expected, I miss him terribly. He comes home this weekend. I can't wait to see him again. It has been way too long!

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