Saturday, July 13, 2013

Swatting to the beat

Last night, I went to a concert. I used to go often. It wouldn't have been shocking a couple of years ago if I ended up seeing at least a dozen shows a year.

Since my back surgery, I have focused more on my health.  It takes time to heal from a pinched nerve. Nerves regenerate slowly.

Well, I ended my two-year drought and had an amazing time last night. I chose a concert in which four different bands played. I had seen three of them in the past.

Anyway, my guy and I had spoken on the phone before I headed into the venue. He told me that he was just about to write to me. Instead, we chatted for half an hour.

He is my rock. Sometimes, he has more faith in me than I do. He said that I'd be okay. He was right.

I was missing him, though. A couple next to me were attempting to dance to a song. The guy clearly did not have any rhythm, but I did like his enthusiasm. We were in the fifth row.

The guy decided to take a picture. His girlfriend was slapping his left buttock for quite some time. Her smacks were on-beat. I did like the sight of seeing her playfully spanking him, except that he was taking a picture. I am sure that it came out shaky.

She got tired of lightly smacking his left buttock. Instead, she inserted her hand in his left pocket. Her hand stayed there for quite some time.

They sort of reminded me of my guy and me, except that we'd reverse the roles. My guy has never spanked me to the beat of any song. However, he tends to grope my left buttock in public. I am not sure why that is. I don't mind it one bit.

There was a couple in front of us. They were clearly in love, as they were embracing each other while seated. I saw him grope his girlfriend's backside twice when they were standing. She had a full backside, which I appreciated. They were both loving the show and the shared affection between each other.

It was a nice evening. My guy had asked me earlier whether there would be any concerts that we could see within the next three weeks. Yes, my guy will be back on Monday. He told me that he can't wait to see and kiss me, and to have dinner with me. The feeling is definitely mutual.

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