Thursday, July 11, 2013

Last day in Stockholm... the good and the unexpected

My guy and I enjoyed our last breakfast at the hotel in Lidingo. I remarked how I would miss having a yummy croissant in the morning, stuffing it with lean roasted turkey slices and cheese. My guy would miss the yogurt and cucumber slices.

Each day, we would drive over to the restaurant for breakfast. He would then drive me back to the hotel. Yes, the hotel occupied a vast area. It was literally away from everything.

I went to resume packing up everything, minus some toiletries, for I was thinking of taking a shower before we'd fly back just after midnight.

My guy and I agreed to meet at the Kista Galleria mall. He was teaching for half the day. We wanted to go sightseeing downtown. We opted to park our cars at the mall and to take the metro. We met at 13:00. I suggested meeting in front of the grocery store.

We found each other. My guy had purchased some chocolate at the grocery store. He wanted to put it in my rental car, so we did. We were then hungry. We headed to the food court and had delicious Middle Eastern food. I loved the rice that accompanied my chicken kabob.

We then headed toward the metro station. We bought our fare and hopped on the train. Each station does look like a cave with artistic accents. Seated across from us was a woman curling her eyelashes and applying her makeup.

We made it downtown. It look longer for us to figure out where to take the bus tour, but we ultimately found the bus stops. We took pictures, held hands, and walked over there.

The rain started. It poured. My guy had brought an umbrella. We were good.

Sadly, the double-decker bus did not shield us from the rain too well. At one point, we took the umbrella and practically shoved it out the side of the bus, as my right arm was completely drenched. My guy was hilarious, saying that he was entitled to whine about the rain.

Anyway, after half an hour, the rain had stopped and we were drying off. I hugged my guy, as he was getting cold. We had a rest stop. My guy got off the bus and bought a Coke Light for me.

The bus tour was good, despite the weather. We got off it and headed to a couple of souvenir stores. I bought a key chain that was a segmented ruler. You can to stretch it out to use the entire ruler, and then put it back into a neatly folded key chain.

We walked by a wooden paddle that was the shape of Stockholm. My guy playfully swatted my backside with it. My backside was still tender from the spanking that I had received the night before.

We headed back to the metro station and went back to Kista. It was the first time in ages that I took public transportation. It was nice. My guy admitted that he was not good with directions. He told me that I make up for his lack of directional sense.

Since lunch was yummy, we decided to get dinner from the same Middle Eastern eatery. We then headed back to my car and placed the food in there. He walked over to his car. We were driving back to the hotel to eat dinner, fetch our luggage, and head over to the airport.

It took me longer to get back to the hotel with all the construction and detours happening. My GPS couldn't handle all the changes.

I was perhaps five minutes away from the hotel when the unexpected happened. I was driving along. There was a bus parked in the right lane at the bus stop. I had the green light and drove along the single lane. I was clearing the intersection. Out of nowhere, a car was in front of me, moving slowly. I braked. I couldn't break in time and slammed into the side of it.

Both cars ended driving over to the right parking lot entrance. My rental car stopped when it hit a thin yellow pole.

I was shaken up, mainly because I was not expecting all this to happen. I had thoughts about my guy and I missing our flight. I needed to contact him.

The person in the other vehicle was a young man. He must have been twenty years of age. He spoke English. We both asked if we were okay. He was in a Volvo and had little damage. My Peugeot looked like it was totalled.

My young man's parents came over. His family was helpful in helping me fill out the accident report that needed to be submitted. They also helped in calling the hotel and my rental car company. I couldn't reach my guy on my cell phone. We all tried getting a hold of him. The mother said that I looked calm. I thanked her, but I felt that I wasn't.

After completing the accident report and speaking to a number of folks, I finally got to speak to my guy on the phone. He asked if I was okay. I was. He told me that he had packed all my stuff and he was coming over to get me.

He was at the accident scene five minutes later. He talked with the family, took pictures of my rental car in case I hadn't, put his arm on my back, and then held my hand. The tow truck was there, which tows both cars simultaneously.

We had to get the accident report photocopied, so my guy drove the young man's father and me over to the hotel. Everyone was so nice. My guy held my hand for the entire time.

The young man's family had arrived at the hotel. We all wished each other the best and went our separate ways.

We had a few more minor hiccups along the way. My guy's GPS wasn't working properly, giving us the weirdest route to get to the airport. I pulled out my GPS and we used that for a bit, which helped a ton.

My guy was being his jokey self, although he was hungry. I had managed to move the food to his rental car. He told me that he wanted to eat me. I pretended that I was afraid.

We found a gas station where my guy could top off the gas tank. Sadly, it was unattended and the instructions were all in Swedish. Still, my guy managed to figure it all out.

We returned my guy's rental car. I unzipped my luggage to get a plastic spoon and fork that I had. We headed to the airport shuttle area and ate our dinner. We were halfway done before our bus came. We left our food there and boarded.

My guy couldn't remember the terminal that we needed. I remembered that it was terminal 5. Everything worked out well. We checked in and had an hour to spare.

My guy had joked that I didn't think highly of him -- that he'd leave me to board his flight if I was late. It was too early for me to handle that type of teasing. I broke down and cried. My guy felt bad and said that he was sorry.

We were in the lounge waiting for our flight. He was checking his e-mail. I felt sad. He could tell. He reached over and squeezed my arm.

It was time to board.
"I have your back," he said, reassuring me that everything will be okay.
"Do you have my backside, too?"
"Yes," he said. "Bigtime."
I was happy again as we boarded our plane.

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