Saturday, July 27, 2013

My guy making up for his behaviour and actions

I was clearly upset going into the office on Tuesday. To make a long story short, my guy had upset me the other night. He was pretty insensitive by dismissing what I had said online. Instead, he decided to go on Facebook and share a bunch of photos as we were sending messages on Skype.

I decided to log off. I was in tears. They dried up forty minutes later. He called me and said, "I'm just seeing how you're doing and I have to go." I could hear him zip his laptop bag up.

It make me even more upset. I started crying again. My guy stayed on the phone for maybe a couple of minutes before saying goodbye and hanging up. His actions were rude and hurtful, but his insensitive remark put me over the edge.

I could tell that my guy had felt bad. He wrote me an e-mail later on that evening. I didn't bother responding to it.

At work the next day, he came up to see me. I was busy mentoring one of my colleagues. He went to talk to my other colleague to my right, the human resources woman to my left, and finally to us. I ignored him.

After I was done conducting an interview and he was done with his meeting, he came back upstairs. I ignored him again. Finally, he logged on to Skype. He wanted to have dinner with me and talk. I was good, although I warned him that I wouldn't be good company.

My guy and my manager were then talking. I somehow managed to kill some time by talking to a couple of colleagues before heading to my car. I still had to wait for my guy to get to the restaurant. I was still noticeably upset. He got there and apologized for being late.

We did talk about what was bugging me. He told me that he was being honest about having to go and cared enough to call me. I told him that his heart was in the right place, but that he should never tell me that he is rushed to go somewhere. I told him that I deserved better. He apologized and said that I did.

We still have one issue that won't be resolved immediately. After dinner, he escorted me to my car and asked what we'd be doing. I wasn't in any mood to do much. He asked if I wanted to spend a night at a hotel with him. That caused me to tear up. Instead, he said that we should spend some time in each other's arms. I was okay with that.

The problem was that I was upset again. I was crying with my head resting against my car's steering wheel.

All I remember is my guy trying to get into my car. He eventually did by opening my side of the door to unlock all the car doors. He then got into the passenger side and comforted me with his hand behind my back. Like a mantra, he repeatedly said that he was sorry.

His hand moved over to mine. I didn't feel like holding it, as mine was trying to dry the tears running down my face. Instead, he rubbed my forearm and eventually my thigh. I stopped crying for a bit. He looked intently at me. I was finally okay to drive over to our usual spot.

We got there just fine and got into his treehouse. I rested my head against his chest and he embraced me. My face was nearly buried in his chest. I just cried.

He wanted me to kiss him. I told him that I wasn't in the mood and that I couldn't breathe. My nose was all congested. He went ahead and kissed my forehead and my neck. His right hand was inserted in my back pocket, occasionally coming out to caress my right buttock.

We started to talk some more. He suggested that we could go to a hotel when I was ready to. Somehow, I managed to tease him by saying that we'd spend the night watching him look for tire rims on Kijiji. We both burst out in laughter. He went to tickle me and I resisted. He finally saw my face and kissed my lips.

He wandered over to my blouse and took my breasts out from my bra. My head was leaning against the seat. I was slouching. My guy sucked my left nipple. It was the first time where I felt so close to seeing him suck me. Our eyes met. It was great to see that he was enjoying himself as much as I was being pleasured by him. I guess that my seeing him suck me so vividly was a revelation because I normally have my eyes closed.

He played with my crotch, rubbing it seductively, if that makes sense with my wearing a green pair of khaki pants. He went ahead with unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. He pulled them down and played with my black lacy panties. Eventually, they were pulled down, too.
"I like what I see," he said.
"And what do you see?"
"A beautiful, pink pussy," he said and began fingering it.
"Am I normal, doctor?" I asked him.
"Yes, you are more than normal. You are perfect."
He made me reach orgasm. It wasn't as pleasurable as it normally would have been. I was still sad and I had a mild headache. My guy didn't give up. Moments later, he made me come again. I then rested there for a bit before he pulled up my panties and pants, even buttoning and zipping the latter.

I wrapped my arms around his waist. He hugged me back. I played with his hard cock in his pants. He wanted me to. I could tell.

It was his turn to unbutton and unzip his trousers. We pulled his briefs down and I began to jerk him off. He wanted to know if he could put his hard cock up my butt. I said that I would do anything for him, which he loved. He came moments later. It was nice.

Naturally, we cleaned up once we had the energy to do that. His backseat looks like a paper products place these days, with a roll of paper towel and a box of tissue.

We talked some more. It's our sort of dopey time together.

My guy had his sunroof open. I was lying on my back and raised my legs straight through the sunroof. My guy smiled. He first grabbed my crotch, and then began to slap it.
"Are you spanking my pussy?" I asked him, still a bit dopey.
"Yes, of course," he said without any hesitation, continuing to slap it a few more times.
He proceeded to pinch each buttock. I have never been spanked in a diaper position before, which was what I was in. He didn't hesitate and spanked me hard. It was nice to see his face while he was spanking me. I loved it. And, yes, I was pretty sore afterwards.

I got up and ended up having my legs over his lap. It was sweet. We kissed some more.

He held me for a long time as we continued to chat. He told me that things would get better and that I'd be my old self soon. I wasn't so sure, but I did feel a bit better.

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