Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The aftermath - resting my head on lap

Normally, my guy and I will quietly chat on Skype to determine where we're going after work and what we're going to do. This past Wednesday was different. My guy wasn't logged on to Skype. Yet, our cubicles are diametrically opposed and we tend to keep our personal lives private at work.

I packed up first and said goodbye to a few colleagues. I then stopped by my guy's cubicle and asked why he was still at his desk -- that he should leave. He agreed.

I made a stop at the ladies' room. When I had left, my guy was leaving the office. He was walking ahead of me.

I could tell from his posture that he was relieved. My car was parked in the lot next to his. He turned around and looked at me.
"I walk slowly," I said, wearing my fairly new sandals that have a slight incline, which takes getting used to.
"No, your stride is pretty good," he said, still looking at me.
"It's nice to see you," I said.
"Likewise," he said. "Did you want to get a bite to eat?"
"Are you hungry?" I asked him.
"Not really. But, if you are, I could having something light."
"I am," I admitted. "All that talk from [our colleague] about Italian food has made me hungry."
My guy had suggested going to a pizza place up the road, midway between our workplace and our treehouse location. I was game.

We drove over there. Unfortunately, this pizza place is attached to a hotel. Parking was packed. We both managed to find parking spots. We had to parallel-park our cars next to the cement wall, which was really a fence.

We walked in the restaurant. It was more than just a pizza lace. My guy ordered a pizza slice. I went with a Philly cheesesteak. We both had pop. We sat there, ate, chatted, and then left.

What's interesting about me is that I am okay with changing out of my pants and into a skirt in my car. I was parked in a quiet corner area of the building. So, I changed into a navy blue skirt and then drove over to our usual location. I should have changed at work, but I had left my skirt in the car.

My guy was patiently waiting in the treehouse. I climbed in there and apologized for being tardy. I explained that I had a wardrobe change. He didn't mind one bit.

We continued to chat while holding hands. He could see that I was getting back to my regular self. I confessed that I still felt sad. It was then that my guy started to tickle me.

My guy is trying to "undo" my being so ticklish by introducing the hand-on-tummy method. Most of the time, his hand on my tummy is okay. However, when he constantly moves his hand over my tummy, it causes me to squirm and grab on to both his hands. He finds it cute. I find it a form of torture, at times.

I ended up resting my head on his lap. He liked it. I inched closer up to him. Being the gentleman that he is, he helped me move closer to him. He fingered me while I was on my back. It was nice. I enjoyed the change of scenery and position. He did, too. I came quickly.

My guy loves to play with me, to the point where he ended up fingering my butt. He started with one finger, tried two, and ultimately had three fingers up me. I thought that I couldn't handle it, but I was horny as can be. I could. I did. I came again.

With my head still in his lap, I rested with my eyes closed for a bit. He kissed my forehead and played with my bangs. He has always loved my hair. He marvels at how straight and black it is.

He looked into my eyes. He didn't have his eyeglasses on. Yet, he could see my contact lenses. It was neat.

We chatted a bit longer. At one point, I asked him if we could hug a bit longer. I am normally not that clingy, but I wanted to be. He was fine, wrapping my arms around me as I tightly hugged him back.


  1. hey, I'm a big fan of hugging. It's awesome :)

    1. Good to hear that you are! Hugging feels so good and I always feel safe in his arms. =)