Friday, July 19, 2013

Boosting a car battery and more

My guy flew back to Toronto early Monday morning. He did the craziest thing -- he went straight from the airport to the office to work.

I have done that a few times in my life. I have vowed never to do that again. I have kept my word.

Just before I was about to head to work in the afternoon, my guy caught me on Skype.
"Hey there," he wrote.
"Hey! How are you holding up?"
"Just wanted to tell you to bring some sleeping wear, as I'm thinking of renting a room for the night."
"You're asking me to spend the night with you or you need to borrow sleepwear from me?"
"Very funny =)"
My guy and I talked a few hours after I was done discussing work-related topics with a colleague and my guy's meeting was over. He brought over some sweets and shared them with me. He noticed my haircut. He has always been so observant whenever I change my hairstyle.

We left work to grab some dinner. Unfortunately, my guy's car wasn't starting up. The battery was dead. I drive a hybrid, so the battery wasn't a regular one to boost. My guy called CAA.

It has been hot and humid lately. We talked for a bit before my guy said that we should move to cooler territory.

We headed back to the office and sat in the training room. We started talking. He noticed how tan my arms were. I told him that I wanted to caress his head. He leaned over and let me do it. It made me so happy. My guy smiled at me.

He was concerned that he didn't get a text message from CAA. I suggested that he give the folks there a call again. He did. I got up and gently caressed his back. He hung up the phone. I tenderly kissed his head.

He swivelled his chair around to look at me. My guy played with my crotch. It was nice. He then groped my buttocks. It was turning me on, but I didn't want to come just yet.

I leaned over to kiss him on the lips. He loved that. He told me that he was getting hard. I gently stroked his cock, which was indeed hard under his slacks.

My guy is like a little horny boy sometimes. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.
"Nice! Black lacy panties."
He took a good look, and then zipped and buttoned up my pants.

My guy guided me over to a different part of the training room, away from the main doorway. He turned me around, carefully propped my back against the wall, and passionately kissed me on the lips, rubbing his hard member against my crotch. I cradled his head in one hand as I hugged him with my other. At one point, I was groping both his buttocks.

We hugged and kissed for a bit, while rubbing up against each other. The moment was briefly interrupted by his cell phone ringing. It was CAA and help was on the way in five minutes.

My guy took his erect penis out. I began jerking him off.
"Five minutes or less," I said.
I looked at my guy's face. He was so into the moment. I initiated kissing him while jerking him off. It took no time for my guy to ejaculate. He did so all over the carpet.

We were both breathless from a wonderful moment.
"That was awesome," I pointed out.
"I can't believe that we did that," he said, shaking himself dry before re-adjusting his briefs and zipping his pants up.
We headed toward my guy's car and met up with the mechanic. The mechanic boosted the battery and all was good.

The battery wasn't the only thing that got a boost. Who says that Mondays are always bad at work!


  1. Im wondering tho, did u clean up the carpet ;)

    1. It's a great question! We tend to be neat freaks and clean up after quality time. Unfortunately, the training room did not have any paper towels or napkins, and the roadside assistance mechanic was waiting for us, so we left the semen trail there. We both felt guilty about doing that.

      I told my guy that it should be interesting to see someone walk and maybe slide across that portion of the carpet. Hopefully, the company will steam-clean the carpet soon!