Saturday, July 06, 2013

Changing hotel rooms, leading to another spanking and handjob, and then sightseeing

We woke up at 10:00. It was nice to hug my guy first thing in the morning. Breakfast was there until 11:00. So, we quickly got dressed and headed downstairs.

My guy and I hold hands often while we're walking together. He told me recently that he loves when I grab his hand and vice-versa. It's nice. It a sweet part of our relationship. It's an affectionate part of who we are.

We got to the restaurant on the third floor. The breakfast spread was mighty elaborate. We each ended up getting a custom-made omelette. We both went for the tea. My guy got some fruit juice. I have a weakness for chocolate croissants and absolutely loved the one that I had practically inhaled. I also managed to grab some sausages. My guy got some yogurt and added cucumber slices to it.

My guy looked at me as we were seated. He had a burning question that he wanted to ask.
"It amazes me how much you enjoy a baked good, such as your chocolate croissant. Yet, you still manage to look so good, without gaining any weight. What is your secret?"
So, I spilled. I had lost sixty pounds over two years ago and have managed to maintain my weight. I do indulge in a slice of lemon cake or chocolate croissant. I still follow a low-carb diet. I do pushups and exercise on a glider for thirty minutes. My guy was impressed.

We left the restaurant and went upstairs to pack. Our checkout time was noon. We were heading over to the car rental place at the airport to get our cars.

So, we did. My guy got a manual Volvo car. He enjoys driving a manual vehicle. I can only drive an automatic, so mine was a Peugeot. I got a free rental GPS. Trying to find my car in the lot took a while. I eventually did find it. My guy and I then found each other. I led the way onto the highway.

On the whole, I did fine driving in a European country for the first time. However, I got confused at an exit. My guy had to take over the leading duties, thankfully! It was also raining fairly hard.

We got to Lidingo. We were essentially at a conference centre. It was odd that the owner had contacted the hotel where we had stayed overnight. It turned out that he knew the owner. My guy had felt that there was some sort of breach of confidentiality, but we let that slide.

We all drove over to our hotel room, which was a separate part of the estate. It was a lovely place. My guy helped me with my suitcases.

We unpacked briefly. My guy looked at me as was horny. He had an instant boner, which was difficult to ignore.

So, we headed over to the bed. He immediately pulled off my panties and pants. He spanked my bare bottom numerous times, making me incredibly wet. I was excited. My guy commented on how pink my backside was starting to get.

He fingered my pussy, which was well-lubricated. He went ahead and fingered my butt simultaneously. I enjoyed hugging him tightly as I came. I felt limp in his embrace. I was dopey for a bit.

Eventually, I started to massage his hard cock. I did that for a bit before I unzipped his pants. He unbuttoned them and pulled down his briefs. I had full access to his hard penis. I proceeded to give him a handjob. He loved how my fingers looked around his member as I jerked him off. He came. We saw. It was nice.

I gently kissed my guy's head as he dozed off for a brief nap. I figured out moments later that my period was starting.

It seems like whenever I go on vacation, my menstrual cycle comes to life. My recent vacation was no different. The only exception to this trend seems to have occurred last September when I took a road trip down to Erie, PA.

I am like a travelling drugstore. I have enough feminine products to last for a day. Once my guy woke up, I told him the news. I also felt like I was letting him down. He is always understanding. He told me that he'd still spank me all week.

We headed over to the local mall. We got money out of the bank machine. We then headed over to the grocery store, where we got goodies for our hotel fridge and fetched some dinner. Dinner consisted of smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes, and cheese on ridiculously soft bread rolls. It was wonderful to eat and chat leisurely. My guy fixed us both these fine sandwiches.

After dinner, we got a bit of sightseeing done. I had suggested that we go visit the Kaknäs Tower, which is a television tower with satellites in Stockholm. It worked out great. My guy took pictures of me using my digital SLR camera. I took pictures of him, too.

As mentioned previously, it's not a newsflash that we do hold hands a lot. We did so in the car, walking around the tower, and pretty much any chance we could get. We are like high school sweethearts, except that we met at work. I can't complain one bit.

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