Saturday, March 31, 2018

Purple hair gloss

I decided to put gloss on my hair tonight, several hours before seeing my guy. It is my second time doing it.

The first time, I got a dark blue. It looked good. This time, I did purple, which happens to be my favourite colour.

I am starting to see more grey in my hair. I don't have a ton of grey, but I see more of it. Gloss seems to do the trick of covering the grey hairs for roughly a month. It gradually washes out when you shampoo. I like the flexibility, as I like my natural hair colour.

I noticed tonight that after rinsing my hair such that the water runs clean, if I needed to do it again, more purple dye would appear. I went to gently wring out my pigtail and I saw a bit of purple, too.

Anyway, it's nice seeing purple highlights in my hair. So far, so good.

My guy is attentive when it comes to my hair. I'll see what he thinks soon.

I am checked in to my hotel. It has been a good day taking everything easy.


  1. i don't think i've seen such a product here... i shall keep my eyes open for it. We only have regular dye from what I've seen.

    1. It's all the rage here. I don't have the name off hand. I do have a couple of boxes at home, so I'll let you know what the brand is. It's pretty cool if you want temporary colour without the commitment if you hate it.

    2. Thanks. that sounds great.

    3. It's called Casting Creme Gloss by L'Oreal. The colour washes out gradually.

      I may give a more permanent version of this gloss a try once all this glossy colour fades completely.