Monday, September 19, 2016

Wakey wakey versus wacky wacky

Last week at work was pretty hectic. I was supposed to work from home on Friday, but got sucked in to a team lunch thanks to my manager.

My guy (MG) had already indicated that he was going out for lunch with a bunch of colleagues who were in the same training session as he was. However, we both didn't know that I would be in the office until I broke the news to him in an instant message chat.
Me: Just thought I'd say hi and wakey wakey.
MG: Thanks, Cutiebootie. Your wakey wakeys are always welcome :)
Me: I need a wakey wakey today, too!
MG: Are you sure that you don't need a wacky wacky?
Me: I'd like that, but I'm good =?
MG: Not even close
Me: Yes. Me = good!
MG: You = good at work
Me:  Nooo. If I were bad, I'd be sore all week. It hasn't happened. So, I'm good!
MG: We could fix that sometime today.
So, yes, it was a wacky wacky afternoon for us.


  1. LOL the exchanges between you two. The only reason you haven't been sore all week is because you two have been too busy working. Are ya sore now? ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat