Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A hard spanking with a new, purple ruler

Last Friday afternoon was a fun spanking session. I drove my guy and me to a parking lot that we know is pretty quiet. I parked and we got into the backseat.

My guy looked incredibly good-looking. We kissed. He got to touch my tummy, which he loves to do. I got to caress his head and chest.
"I forgot to get my ruler," I replied.
"We need it. Do you have one in your car?" he asked me.
"Yes, I generally have one in my glove compartment."
I stood up and stretched over to the glove compartment. I went searching for it.
"I like this view," my guy said.
"I don't seem to see my wooden ruler," I replied.
My guy gave me several hand swats while I was bent over. Eventually, I found a ruler, but a different one.

A while back, I had bought a purple Poppin ruler. It is made out of thick acrylic. I got it on sale for $4.90, as stated on its little plastic pouch.

I handed the purple ruler to my guy. He spanked me with it over my tight jeans. It is an excellent spanking implement. It hurt. I was sore, wet, and horny.
"I love this ruler," my guy said, continuing to spank me.
"It hurts!" I replied.
"Good! I won't stop spanking you with this ruler until you admit that you're a bad girl," he replied.
"But, I'm good," I whine.
"You are bad, bad, bad," he told me, punctuating each word with a hard smack.
"No, I'm good, good, good!" I replied.
"No, you are a bad, bad girl," he repeated, giving me another three swats.
"Good, good, good!" I exclaimed.
"You are bad, good, bad," he said.
"Hey, you said that I'm good!" I noted.
"It was a slip!" he exclaimed.
"Nope, I'm good, good, good!"
So, my spanking ended earlier that my guy would have liked. However, it gave me a chance to rub my sore bottom and spend some time holding him in a wonderful, sweet kiss.


  1. Ooh CB...acrylic? Ouch!!!!! Hope your guy doesn't decide to keep spanking until your bum matches the color of the ruler! Happy you had a good time together. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. Yep, acrylic! It hurt, but I enjoyed how different it felt. Fun times had by both of us. =)