Sunday, September 11, 2016

My guy being late for work and wanting to spank me harder

My guy and I were to have a lunch date on Friday. I changed it up a bit. I decided to ping him on our internal instant messaging program to ask when we'd go. Normally, he initiates. He needed ten minutes.

We were both concentrating so hard on what we were doing that we both lost track of time. He called me from the lobby of our building about forty minutes later. He apologized. I said that I would meet him downstairs.

When we did, we walked out of the building and towards his car. I had to ask whether he remembered where his car was. He told me that he did, which is a pretty good start for a directionally challenged guy.
"How come you didn't park downstairs?" I asked him on a 30°C day.
"I came into work two hours late," he admitted.
"What happened? Did you wear out your snooze button?" I asked him.
"I turned off my alarm on my phone," he said.
He is such a sleepyhead. I told him that he was on the wrong side of his car. He should let me drive. He told me that it was a nice try.

My guy's car has leather seats. We both sat in it and I felt like my butt was being lightly fried.
"Was your butt sore for a while after I had spanked you last?" he asked me.
"Not for two long. Maybe a day," I replied.
"I didn't spank you hard enough. I will soon," he observed.
"No, I'm a good girl," I insisted.
"That's not true. You are always my bad girl."
I like being his bad girl. It's just fun to simply state that I'm good.


  1. Sounds like a fun Friday had by both of you. The car seats must have been hot, OUCH! I say to Bear I'm a bad girl but it doesn't get me anywhere lately. LOL!
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Oh, dear. Hopefully, Bear will come around to deal with you. We go through such phases, too.

      Yep, the seats were hot. Luckily, the drive was only for about five minutes, so we survived. =)

  2. LOL CB...naughty, geeky girl needs a harder spanking. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat