Sunday, September 04, 2016

Farewell lunch for interns and reflections

Friday was the last day at work for my two interns. I organized a farewell lunch for them. We spent roughly three hours at the chosen restaurant and I was a bit late getting back to the office for an over-the-phone interview. My manager left half an hour early to start the interview, so it all worked out.

The food at the restaurant was amazing. All eight of us in attendance were happy with our meals. Getting the bill took a while, but it was nice to spend some decent time with the interns.

They are the sweetest folks that I have worked with. Both wanted hugs from me before they left the building. Both had a mini speech for me, thanking me for helping them and for showing them the ropes. This internship was the first for one of them, and she started tearing up in appreciation for what I have done for her.

I will miss them. I am glad that they both felt so positive about their experience with the company. They worked so hard and did a wonderful job. It gives me great hope that they will do just fine in school and in the workforce. They are great women with lots of potential.

They have taught me a lot, too. That it's perfectly fine to embrace Starbucks runs and taking a break because you have earned it. And, music bonds everyone. My musical tastes are varied. Both interns have slightly different music tastes. Yet, they both match mine.

Good people do well. These interns have proven it. I have and continue to, too.


  1. So happy you and your interns had such a positive have helped start them on the right road and they have made it easier for you to mentor others.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! We all learned a ton from one another. =)