Monday, September 05, 2016

Assuming the position... more than one

My guy went to wash his hands. I flopped onto the bed.

He came out and smiled at me.
"I am assuming the position. I'm in sleepy position," I said.
I was on the bed, with my head on a pillow, on my side with my knees bent, and with the comforter partially over me. I was slanted on the bed, which allowed my guy to join me. He spooned me from behind.

I love when we cuddle. We talked and spooned. It was nice and affectionate.
"I think that I can spank you in this position," he said.
He removed the comforter and hiked up my skirt, revealing my lacy black panties. He approved of them by saying that he liked them a lot. He then started spanking my right butt cheek with his hand. To avoid a lopsided spanking, I flipped over to my tummy. He continued to hand-spank me.
"Can you not spank the pillow?" I asked him, placing a square pillow over my butt. His hand made a dull thud.
"I like the sound of your butt being spanked more," he admitted.
So, I removed the pillow and more smacks happened. I get excited when he pulls down my panties. It means that I have been a bad girl. He did just that.

He spanked my bare bottom. It was a hard spanking. I loved it. He tested how wet I was and teased making me cum. When I wanted to, he didn't think that I should, and continued spanking me some more.

Finally, he let me reach orgasm. I did. It was nice. He hugged me and then went to wash his hands. He came back to join me in bed.

It's nice to cuddle, talk, and kiss his sweet face when we spend quality time. The sore butt was worth it.


  1. "The sore butt was worth it"? Too funny, enjoy that sore butt. LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat