Friday, September 30, 2016

Lost guy on a walk

The other evening, my guy called me while he was out for a walk. We had a great conversation, as always. Our conversation then steered into a different direction.
"I think I am lost," my guy said.
"You're walking in your neighbourhood, right?" I asked him.
"Yes, but on this street, I have no way of exiting. There are chain-linked fences everywhere," he advised.
"Oh, no. Well, pull out your Google Maps app and trace your walking path back home," I replied.
"It's so embarrassing," my guy admitted.
"It's okay. It's who you are. You will eventually get home. I just don't want to see on the news that a tall, good-looking guy spent the night hugging a shrub," I replied.
He felt at ease. He did manage to find his way back home. He is comfortable admitting something that could be perceived as embarrassing. I am sure that my accepting that he is directionally challenged without laughing at him made him feel better about the situation.

Naturally, my guy had to crack a pun.
"I'm on the right path home. I am a pathologist," he stated, which made me groan.
"Yes, you are a pathologist of the lost kind," I qualified.
Our conversations and experiences are never boring.


  1. ROFL...too funny, CB. Have gotten lost more than once and had to stop and ask for directions before I got a was actually a birthday present from my brother after I kept calling him at inopportune times to help me.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I'm glad that you got a GPS. Thank goodness my guy has at least two GPS apps on his phone. Otherwise, he'd be calling me more often to help him get to wherever he needs to be. =)

  2. I knew from your title it would be like this. And it seems to be a real serious problem to him. Just no sense of direction. It's so wonderful you showed him the way out of his maze without making fun of him. It build a trust between you that he can admit all the things he's not proud of.

    That is the foundation where relations are built.
    Good girl,

    1. Thanks, Han. I do tease him about how directionally challenged he is, but I always know when to stop when he is lost and feels a bit anxious.

      We are definitely comfortable with each other, so I am more than pleased when he tells me that he's lost.

  3. Aaawww, poor guy! I'm sure it helps him to open up to you when you encourage him instead of making fun of him. Good for you! :)

    1. Thanks, Lilli! I'm glad that he can simply tell me without any hesitation. =)