Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Spanked at the airport parking lot

On Saturday, after I successfully started charging my guy's cell phone from my car, he suggested that we get into the treehouse, which is the backseat of my car. We had to wait for the tow truck to arrive and my car was our waiting area.

We held hands and kissed. He then started a conversation.
"We might as well get to your punishment before the tow truck gets here," he said, signalling me to go over his knee.
"Why? I'm a good girl for coming over to see you, giving you some Diet Coke to drink, and keeping you company," I reasoned.
"You're still a bad girl. Come here," he said, swatting my butt as I went over his lap.
My punishment was hard and fun, all rolled into one.
"You didn't want to talk to me on Skype on Friday," he stated factually, as the hard smacks took place.
"I couldn't. It was a long, busy day," I argued, as he continued to alternate smacks on each buttock.
"When I want to talk to you, you have no choice but to talk to me. You're mine," he told me, with more hard smacks.
It hurt. I absolutely loved it, especially when he wanted me to admit that I was a bad girl and I resisted. 

Finally, he stopped and made me reach orgasm. I enjoyed it. I was highly lethargic afterwards, which made my guy proud that he had accomplished his mission. He seemed more relaxed under the circumstances, too.

We kissed some more. He had the sweetest, softest lips to kiss. I looked over and saw three people with suitcases behind my car. I ducked, which made my guy chuckle.

The tow truck guy called. My guy's phone now had 8% battery life. Moments later, the tow truck guy was here.

It turns out that he used a small, flat screwdriver to pop the cover that revealed the key slot on the driver's side. Using my guy's car key, he was able to get into his car. His car needed a boost from the tow truck guy. It looked like the battery died.

Everything worked out well. My guy could drive off, making a stop at Costco for a new car battery. We got some quality time and we made each other feel good.

We had the nicest, longest hug and kiss before we got into our respective cars. It was the type that quietly meant welcome back, I have missed you, I love you, and everything will be fine.


  1. Aaaahhhh, sounds like a nice reconnection! :)

  2. You two do like living a bit on the edge, don't ya, CB. ;) Sheesh...never heard of the door lock being covered. Is this something he's gonna leave off from now on?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. haha... yes, we are edgy folks... NOT! He is going to leave the lock cover on, now that he knows how to pop it off. He is going to keep a small screwdriver in the glove compartment.