Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birthday spanking brainstorming

My guy's birthday is next month. I am proposing to receive his birthday spanking. Since he is a bit older than I am, it means more smacks for me. Yay!

Here is a brainstorming session on how I would like to receive his birthday spanking, based on how to give a birthday spanking:
  1. Decide on where the birthday spanking will take place.
    I would like it either in a bedroom with just the two of us. Of course, we could do it in the treehouse after work because we both need a bit of fun after a crazy day at the office. 

  2. Decide on the amount of exposure her backside should have.
    I have always enjoyed the layered approach. I get his age in smacks over my pants. He is free to use an implement, such as a wooden ruler or paddle. The pants then come off and I get the same number of smacks over my panties with another implement, such as a hairbrush or a leather paddle. Finally, my bare bottom is exposed. I like a firm hand when my backside is fully exposed. I need more than just a regular birthday spanking, because I have spent a year being a naughty girl.

  3. Decide on the position she will assume for her spanking.
    I like being over his lap. However, being bent over a table or bed is great, too.

  4. Be sure to give her a few warm-up spanks (that is, a few preliminary, light pats on the buttocks).
    I like warm-up spanks, but sometimes they don't start off being light. I also like when my guy gropes my buttocks before a spanking, which turns me on.

  5. Deliver one smack for each year of her age, centered on her "sit spot" (that is, the portion of her buttocks that meets an object when she is in a sitting posture). Each spank should be delivered with an increasing degree of force with 2-5 seconds between smacks. Ensure that she clearly and loudly counts out the number of each smack after she receives them.
    I have never counted out loud for any of my birthday spankings, so it will be a first for me!

  6. After a number of smacks equal to her age has been delivered, give her one extra smack and make sure it is the most forceful of them all. This final smack is her one to grow on.
    I love this part. I also like getting a pinch, although I doubt that I will grow an inch.
The bottomline (yes, pun intended)? My guy gets a decent view of my backside as he works his magic and I get a sore red bottom. It sounds fair to me.


  1. LOL it all well planned out don't ya. Are you going to print and give this guideline to your guy? ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Hey, printing this post out for him as a reference is a great idea! It almost makes me want to do a picture version of these steps. Visuals tend to help, too. =)

  2. Being a sucker for rules,these rules sounds good to me girl with the naughty name, make sure we will hear how the celebration went. I wish you a very sore red bottom!!


    1. Thanks for your seal of approval, Han! I wish for an achy red bottom, too. =)