Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dinner and parking lot kisses in the snow

Ah, the joys of winter. Not!

We had a "weather system" last weekend that came in three different waves. I woke up to the first wave. Driving to the movie theatre in the early afternoon was pretty good. The roads were salted and plowed.

After the movie, I had to remove some snow off my car. The second wave of snow had begun. I then drove with the snow still falling down fairly hard till I got to the Chinese restaurant. The drive was fine, but slow. I wasn't in a rush, so I didn't mind it.

I had made reservations for 18:00. I thought that it would be enough time for my guy to drive from our office to the middle of Toronto. His flight was scheduled to arrive just after 16:00. Of course, with the snowfall, you can't predict a thing.

Sure enough, my guy pulled into the parking lot five minutes after I had. He was smiling. I was, too. It's always nice seeing him.

We walked into the restaurant and were promptly seated. We ended up sharing some crab and corn soup, which was amazing. We also ordered sizzling plates of chicken with black bean sauce and seafood ramen.

My guy was hungry. I could tell because he was starting to get grumpy. He had thought that he would need to wait for a long time before he got his nourishing food. The soup came out practically a minute after we had placed our order. He was happy. The food was great there.

We had a good talk. I casually caressed his head of hair, which he is continuing to grow throughout our winter, to keep his head warm. He looked down at my nails. He loved them.

I will need to provide an update on my manicure. It's probably not significant to most, but it is for me. I normally use clear polish on my nails. Instead, I had berry-coloured polish. I will write about that in a future blog post.

Anyway, my guy was getting a bit sleepy after filling up his tummy with good grub. He got me some presents from Warsaw, which included local desserts and a lot of tea.

He advised that Warsaw is known for its tea. He got me two boxes of blackcurrant tea, among the six boxes of assorted teas that he bought. My guy is sweet in that he remembered that I loved blackcurrant tea when we were in Stockholm. I drank it every morning for breakfast.

He was sweet to pay for dinner. I first offered to pay for the tip. He wanted none of that until he realized that he needed change. So, he caved, and I was happy to pitch in.

We left the restaurant. Yes, it was still snowing. I wrapped my arm around his as we walked down the snowy steps.

My guy started to lead the way to his car. Of course, he is directionally challenged, so I ended up leading him over there.
"You know, I would have found my car eventually," my guy said to me, holding my hand.
"Sure, you would have... after you had walked around the parking lot a couple of times," I replied with a smile.
Our cars were separated in the parking lot by an empty parking space. We were both standing in it.
"May I hug you?" I asked him.
"Sure," he replied.
We hugged for a decent amount of time. I told him that I had missed him. He said nothing, mainly because he was understandably tired. I could tell that he had missed me by the strength of his hug.

Our eyes locked after we had hugged. The snow continued to fall. He kissed me on the cheek. It was nice. I kissed him on the lips. Our lips were locked for what seemed like an eternity. We took a bit of a breather and proceeded with another long kiss.
"Uh, oh," my guy said.
"At least you're awake now," I replied.
There is something romantic about reuniting with your loved one and kissing with fresh snow falling all around you.

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