Monday, February 23, 2015

Thoughtful gifts and nice lunch

On Thursday, my guy and I went out for lunch. He sent me an instant message at 12:34 pm, which is a cool time sequence to remember, asking whether I was ready to leave.

I met him downstairs in the lobby. We then walked over to his car.

He called me his GPS lookalike. It's a long story with the lookalike part, but I used to imitate the female voice on his GPS when he first got it. It has taken my guy several attempt to figure out how to get to our new lunch spot, so I tease him about it. He calls me his human GPS if his real one fails him.

Anyway, we walked into the restaurant, holding hands. My guy forgot something and went to his car. He pulled out a gift bag, so I knew that it was my Valentine's Day gift waiting for me to open.

We were promptly seated and we figured out what we wanted to eat. After placing our orders, he handed me my gift.
"Your gifts are pretty and functional. My gift to you is pretty."
The gift bag was purple with a pretty flower on it. Purple is my favourite colour. I also like flowers.

He got me a framed purple butterfly. It was indeed beautiful.

My guy is thoughtful. He knew that I had visited the Butterfly Pavillon in Denver last summer and that I like butterflies. It was such a sweet present. I loved it! He was relieved.

Lunch was good. The portions were huge, so I brought some back. We chatted about our day and more. It was a nice break from work.

Oddly, when we got back to the office, we both got into the elevator with our former boss. It was nice seeing him again, but it was so unexpected. I haven't seen him in over a year.

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