Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking my guy's birthday spanking

I have been thinking about birthday spankings often as of late. I have always enjoyed the ritual of either spanking the special guest of honour on his birthday, or being spanked on my birthday.

My guy doesn't think that he'd like to be spanked. I give him harmless pats and lovetaps now and again. He doesn't object, but it doesn't turn him on the way that spanking turns me on. However, he loves spanking me hard.

His birthday is next month. I am proposing that I get his birthday spanking. It seems fair in that he gets to spank me hard and I get a pink bottom.

I came across this guide on how to give a birthday spanking. In another post, I will customize the steps and tips to suit his birthday spanking that I will receive from him.

Ah, the excitement of planning a birthday spanking for me when it's not even my birthday! No complaints here.


  1. LOL CB...think your guy is in for a lovely birthday celebration. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. My birthday is next month, too! I've never had a birthday spanking before so I'm pretty excited about getting one myself! :-)

    1. Nice! I hope that you enjoy your birthday spanking and your special day. Hope to read up on it next month. =)