Monday, February 16, 2015


A while back, I decided to purchase a Groupon deal for a manicure. It was for shellac polish on my fingernails, which lasts for roughly two weeks.

Before I went to my salon appointment, I had never had my nails professionally done. I have always done them myself. It has been a ritual for years where I spent each Sunday morning trimming, filing, buffing, and polishing my nails. I have always found the ritual to be therapeutic.

Well, two weeks ago, I broke tradition and had my nails done at a local place. Everyone there spoke Mandarin. I don't understand the language, but speak Cantonese. So, we communicated in English.

My guy has always said that I have pretty nails. Before we went on our first date, we were chatting briefly in the lunchroom one afternoon. He actually held my left pinky finger and said that I have pretty nails. He has never stopped saying that to me, which is sweet.

When one of the beauty experts was taking off my nail polish, she noticed that my nails were still shiny. She actually had to call in two other staff members to observe my nails. Finally, the owner asked whether I polished my nails. I do. She told me a couple of times that I have pretty nails.

Anyway, it was nice seeing how a professional person does nails. I do almost the same thing, except for the following:
  • Soak my hands in a warm bath, to soften my cuticles
  • Have a gel lamp to cure the gel shellac
  • Put intricate flowers or beads on my nails
  • Give my arms a massage after my nails are done
I had picked a pretty berry colour. The woman doing my nails agreed that it was a pretty colour. She did a great job. I would go back again to have them done.

So, at the airport, while my guy was boarding a plane to Warsaw, he had asked how my weekend went. I told him about my first visit to get a manicure and uploaded this picture:

He liked my nails.

When he came back from his trip and we had dinner, he looked at my week-old manicure and said that I have pretty nails. He also liked the colour.

I tend to like clear polish because it's easier to maintain. My guy likes when I have polish on both my fingers and toes. He tends to like colours more, but colour can be harsh on nails when you don't let them breathe.

I am changing things up a bit. Last night, I would have written this post, but I was too busy trying to get the gel polish off my nails. It takes some patience to soak your nails and scrape the gel off. 

I have lilac-coloured nails now. We'll see what my guy thinks of them this week.


  1. It's so nice when a guy notices the small things isn't it CB. Your nails looked the lilac color is lovely also.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. For sure! Thanks for your kind words on my choice of polish. =)