Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cuddling, treehouse time, and more cuddling

My guy and I meeting after work on Tuesday worked out nicely. I originally had a meeting for 17:00, but my manager was running late. I indicated to him that I had to leave by 17:30 and hoped that our meeting would be rescheduled, which it was.

I pinged my guy. He needed ten more minutes, so we were both ready by 17:30.

We met at what is becoming our usual hangout. We used to have treehouse time by a rather large empty lot by the airport. It is now twenty minutes away from the office. Instead, we have found another empty lot, which is much smaller by comparison, but it is private enough for us to have some quality time. It's only a five-minute's drive from our office.

My guy was waiting for me as I parked next to his car. We both got into the backseat of my car.

I like to cuddle. My guy was going through a tough time last year where his depression was making him disinterested in many activities. I insisted that we cuddle, even if he didn't want to be intimate or whatever. Studies have shown that cuddling helps lift people's spirits up, and ultimately out of bad times.

We cuddled. We talked about our day. It was nice.

We kissed. It was nice to make out again. He started to unbutton my down winter jacket. I helped him out.

He caressed my left breast. I did the same with his chest. He moved my right leg over his. He rubbed my crotch. It was exciting. A few minutes later, he made me climax.

He then played with my backside, ultimately fingering me until I came yet again. He kissed me and said that he had missed playing with me. I missed his magical fingers, which were cold from our fine day of colder-than-usual temperatures this winter. The colder sensation seemed to make me reach orgasm faster.

I then played with his hard cock, which was still in his pants. He loved seeing my purple-coloured nails on his member. Soon, his erect penis was available for me to provide a handjob.

He liked how my nails looked wrapped around his cock. It was to the point where he wanted me to switch hands to see which one would provide the better view of my manicured nails. He liked the left hand more.

He then unbuttoned my cardigan. He wanted to see my black bra, which always turns him on.

Moments later, he came all over my hand. It felt wonderful. His phone rang immediately after he came. I noted that it was a sign. We laughed. We were pretty dopey afterwards.

We cleaned up and cuddled a bit more. We also talked. Our chats after sex get more amusing these days. All I remember is that we were laughing a lot.

We're having lunch together on Thursday. I like when he is in the office, so we can break the monotony of work by having a lunch date together.


  1. You are so right about the hugging and touching CB really helps maintain positive emotions. Oh and happy you two got your got your treehouse time. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I'm so glad that we squeezed in some treehouse time, too. =)