Thursday, March 07, 2013

Experiments with being tied up and wearing an eye mask are coming up

This post contains tidbits of information from two separate days on my vacation. They do tie in with each other nicely. I just made an unintentional pun, too.

When my guy and I were travelling to the Midwest, we finally sat next to each other on our final flight segment. He was telling me about a number of things that he wanted to do to me sexually. We have talked about tying me up in the past, but this topic has been dormant for a bit. He brought it up in a scenario, and it made us both intrigued and aroused.

I have only been playfully tied up once by the ex-husband. We used his necktie. He tied my hands loosely with it and spanked me. I did like it, but I tend to be incredibly obedient during a spanking. I don't squirm, or try to get away. I take it because I want to be spanked.

My guy has always liked the idea of having me helpless in some way such that he can get his way with me. It would be consensual, of course. It takes a lot of booze to get me drunk, for instance. We know that liquoring me up is not the best method. He likes when I am exceptionally dopey after multiple orgasms. I know what is happening to me, but I am too dopey to do much.

We were talking in bed that night. He entertained the thought of tying me to the bed and pleasuring me. As always, I am game. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything to tie me up with. I need to do some research.

A couple of days later, my guy had purchased a new rolling computer bag and was emptying out his old one. He was giving me various items from the latter. I asked if he was offloading his crap in a teasing way. He said no, but he had a huge grin on his face.

My guy travels a lot. On an Air Canada flight, he got a couple of eye masks and gave one to me. I put it on. It worked well. I sat on the bed, talking to him with the eye mask on. I didn't hear him walking towards me. He passionately kissed me. It was nice. A few minutes later, he tickled me, which made me squirm.

He hinted that I should wear the eye mask when we are intimate. It sounds like a decent plan.

He told me on the plane that I give the impression to others that I am conservative. However, he knows the other side of me. He likes that balance. I have always loved the fact that he is willing to experiment behind closed doors. He feels the same away about me.

So, here's to being tied up and being blindfolded in the near future. We keep things exciting. There has never been a dull moment with him.

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