Friday, March 01, 2013

Travelling can be so much fun

Two Sundays ago, my guy and I met at our workplace. He told me that he'd get a taxi to come pick us up at around 07:30 to head to the airport.

I had arrived ten minutes earlier. The ramps on and off all highways by the airport were not plowed, so it was slippery driving over snow-covered roads, including the parking lot at work.

I saw the taxi guy circle. My guy arrived ten minutes later. He helped me drag my luggage over to the taxi.

My guy and I go into the taxi. It was like we were about to have treehouse time, but we refrained! My guy looked at my down jacket that I was wearing. It was new. He commented that I looked like I was a vacationing girl in Aspen.

I held his hand. As usual, it was cold. I tried warming it up for the brief five-minute ride to the airport.

My guy and the taxi driver had a bit of a spat. My guy wasn't thrilled that the taxi driver didn't greet him with a cheerful good-morning statement. Rather, the taxi driver said that he had been "circling around for a while." That was untrue. I was there and only saw him circle one time and he wasn't there for a long period. My guy was a bit upset that the taxi driver was charging him a higher flat rate than normal.

Anyway, my guy and I got to the airport to check in. We both found out that our flights had changed. The first segment was cancelled. My guy had two flight segments. I managed to get three. I wasn't too thrilled.

My guy was making me get embarrassed, as he was saying sweet things about me and listing what he wanted to do to me. He enjoys when I get that way. I can't help it. It's who I am.

After speaking with the friendly person at the baggage drop-off counter, my guy and I were on the same flight segments. He asked for our seats to be next to each other. For the first flight, we couldn't have that done. However, we were together on the second flight.

It was quite the walk down to the gate. I still feel like I walk slowly. I told my guy that I appreciated his patience. He advised that I don't walk as slowly as I think that I do. He was impressed that I was doing so well. He's just plain sweet.

My guy got hungry. Our flight was boarding at around 10:00. My guy ordered a jerk chicken tropical salad and was chowing down on it.

We were the last folks to board the plane. I sat down first. He quietly asked me if I was comfy. I was for being on a smaller plane. He continued walking to nearly the back of the plane.

He surprised me by coming up to me and giving me his salad. I had told him that I wasn't exactly hungry, but he wasn't there to just give me food. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was incredibly nice and sweet.

The first segment of our flight lasted an hour. It was uneventful, other than my eating salad as a snack. I got off the plane and waited for my guy to join me. We had arrived in Newark.

My guy travels often, to the point where he has access to any Star Alliance lounge. We seems to be star-crossed lovers. We sat next to each other in brown leather chairs. We kissed and made out. We got tea and snacks. We made out some more.

We needed some lunch, so we headed out to a food court. I wanted to look at the gate information for our flight. My guy discreetly groped my left buttock as we were looking at the flight information screens. It was nice and I was getting turned out. We walked hand-in-hand over to the Earl of Sandwich.

The server called us "lovebirds." We were holding hands the entire time before our meals came.

It was nice that our flight from Newark to St. Louis was only an hour. My guy and I sat next to each other. We kissed and made out some more. He managed to grope my right breast. He then played with my crotch. I actually came twice on the flight and tried to keep my voice down. It was a first for both of us. I played with my guy's hard cock in a discreet manner. It would be messy, so it was more of a taste of what was to come (no pun intended).

My guy admitted that his business trips would never be the same. He wanted me to be with him on every single one. I joked that he could grope the guy next to him on his next business trip and play with his man boob. We laughed.

My guy slept for a bit on the plane. I tried to, but I was wide awake.

Anyway, my guy was throughtful in making sure that I was okay as we deplaned. We passed by a Starbucks in the terminal. He was impressed that I didn't jump to get a drink there.

We headed to the baggage area to fetch our luggage. We then went to find the shuttle to take us to the car rental place. We had to wait for one. So, my guy helped me put on my jacket, hugged me as we sat on the bench, and groped my right breast again as we kissed.

So, the shuttle came. We got on it with our luggage. My guy and I sat behind the luggage storage area. We continued to kiss, hold hands, and he groped my breast again. A car shuttle ride will never be the same!

We got our rental cars and drove over to the hotel. We checked in and unpacked briefly. I went ahead and tried figuring out where all the restaurants were. My guy wanted Chinese, so we went to one close by. Unfortunately, it wasn't open on Sundays. Instead, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had a lovely meal.

We came back to the hotel and showered. My guy and I climbed into bed together. We cuddled. He gave me a lopsided spanking on my left buttock. Our clothes came off. I was straddled on top of him. He was sucking each breast. He came. So did I. We then cuddled in each other's arms before we drifted off to sleep.

The day was long, but magical.

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