Monday, March 18, 2013

My guy is on the road for a while... here's to Skype!

My guy and I had a two-hour chat over Skype today. He could be potentially on the road for the next six weeks.

We both agree that e-mailing and chatting has helped us not feel so far apart. My guy has only been away since last Wednesday, but it does feel like an eternity.

On Saturday, I suggested that if he wanted to chat on Skype, to let me know. He wrote back to me with this delightful few lines:
I logged in on Skype last night, but you weren't online... for hours. Someone has to pay for that! I'll try you tomorrow. It would be nice to hear your voice.
What he wrote may not seem significant to most folks, but it is to me. I like when he threatens to deal with me. It makes he excited about the prospect of being spanked by him. Although I didn't know that he missed me so much on Friday night and wanted to see me online, it's his sweet way of indirectly telling me that he missed me.

My guy isn't as vocal about expressing how he feels as I am. It does come outt eventually, but it takes him some time. The fact that he wanted to hear my voice was nice. And yes, it's another example of his indirect way to saying that he missed me.

After a two-hour chat tonight, it's pretty clear that we both miss each other.
"Can I call you tomorrow night?" he asked me.
"Of course," I replied. "I'll make sure that I'm home at a respectable time."
He reciprocated by saying that he wouldn't stay out too late shopping at the mall. I am still amazed that I am with someone who loves shopping just as much as I do. It's nice.

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