Saturday, March 09, 2013

Missing my guy, but it's not as bad as it could be

All week, my guy has been on the road. As usual, I miss him.

The odd thing is that my missing him this time isn't as bad as it can be. Perhaps it's because we spent a week together recently. We had sex every night. I got spanked every evening. Sure, I do miss being physically with him these days, but I am not blue.

It could also be the fact that we have been writing e-mails to each other. We didn't hook up on Skype this week, as I know that my guy was pretty busy with work, as I was. Still, you could tell by the e-mails that we had exchanged that we enjoyed sharing what we have been up to.

Getting back to being spanked every night for seven days straight, I didn't think that I could tolerate it. In the past, I would need a day off for my backside to recover from being sore. I suppose that my guy, although he did spank me hard every night, took a bit of pity on my bottom. The second night, he only spanked my right buttock hard. The next night, my left buttock was spanked. The night after that, both cheeks were smacked. So, there was a bit of a break.

My guy told me the other day that he went to Dollar Tree and was in heaven. I tease him about how frugal he can be, but he's not a cheapskate. He simply likes to optimize.

I went into a Dollarama store tonight. It reminded me of my guy buying wooden kitchen utensils there and using the slotted spatula on my backside a number of times before it broke. I saw a six-pack of paddles. I bought it. I can't wait have them quality-tested on my backside.

Speaking of utensils, on our trip together, my guy got a free hot breakfast each morning. The first morning, he headed out for breakfast on his own. I had leftover Mexican food that I wanted to eat for breakfast. Anyway, he told me later on in the day that his breakfast was huge and that I should help him eat it.

So, for the remainder of our stay, we shared breakfast together. It was both sweet and romantic. My guy would always give me the silver fork to use and he would fetch a plastic one from the cafe.

Well, we got caught in a snowstorm while we were in St. Louis. On Friday morning, I gave my guy my rental car's key so he could fetch the snowscraper. He not only removed the snow off his car rental, but off mine as well.

When he came back to the cafe for breakfast, he noticed that I was using the plastic fork.
"I see that you gave me the silver fork," he said to me when he was finally sitting down. "You must like me a lot."
"I do," I said with a smile, as we sat next to each other in the booth and ate.
It was a wonderful week. It was nice to kiss him goodbye as he headed to work. I liked holding hands with him practically everywhere we went. We were goofy. He told me that he enjoyed acting like a complete idiot in front of me. We enjoyed cuddling every night. I loved showering him with kisses all over his face and waking up next to him.

I do miss him. I think the fun memories of being with him recently have sustained me for a bit. Luckily, he is coming home this weekend.

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