Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chinese tea, rescheduled treehouse time, and lunch

I can't help it if I am the type who tells folks when I am in the office. I find it common courtesy to tell others of my availability and whereabouts. Unfortunately, my boss is horrible at telling folks when he's away, unless you strike up a conversation with him and he reveals that information to you. Perhaps it's a guy thing, for my guy is similar.

I came to work in the morning. I had two interviews to conduct. After my second interview, I noticed that my guy was at his desk. He is in a training session all week. I had to walk past him to talk to another colleague. I did manage to strike up a conversation.
"On a break?" I asked him.
"Hi! Yes," he replied, looking at me and checking me out, as he tends to do.
After speaking to my other colleague, I came back to catch up with my guy. He was ranting about a project manager who was slowing down the entire class. I told him that it was a nice change to see that he was aggravated. Normally, I am the aggravated, irritated one.

I could tell that my guy had missed me. The other day, he asked if I was going to be at work for the entire day today. Today, he asked me how late I was going to be hanging around.

I was still at work when my guy returned to his desk at lunchtime. I had made plans to have lunch with a colleague. My guy asked if he could join us. Of course! I offered to drive.

Our colleague left to visit the women's washroom. My guy and I chatted about Chinese tea. I had given him a set of four different Chinese teas as a Christmas present to him. It came in a nice, white wooden box with a magnetic closure. He likes the present a lot. We are both tea drinkers. I also thought that it was fitting, as the tea would remind him of me.
"I like all things Chinese," he smiled, hinting at me. I looked into his eyes and knew that he wanted quality time with me.
"You can enjoy all things Chinese after work tomorrow," I said, as I now had two interviews to conduct that day.
"Sounds good," he said.
What was different was the fact that my schedule dictated when we'd have treehouse time. I normally come into work on Wednesday afternoon. However, I had to make an exception today. My guy understood, although he had planned for quality time today. He didn't seem disappointed, but I could tell that he wanted it badly.

Lunch was wonderful at our local hangout. We all entered the restaurant. My guy held the door open for us. He groped my right buttock, which made me want to melt.

Conversation was nice. My guy and I sat next to each other. My guy reached for my left hand. He touched my hand and fingers. I reciprocated. It was nice having our fingers intertwined.

We had lunch and joked quite a bit. After we had finished eating, I touched and squeezed his right thigh. My guy likes how affectionate I tend to be. At one point, he rubbed his leg against mine. It was hot.

We left the restaurant and my guy lovingly put his arm around me. It was sweet and needed.

I drove them back to the office. I was heading home to work for the remainder of the day. My guy got out of my car, bend down, looked and me, and blew me a kiss.

Although we keep our relationship pretty civil during business hours, it's nice that we can quietly show that we are thinking about and love each other.

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