Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A full day at work, followed by play time

I am rarely in the office for an entire day. I tend to come in for half a day after having worked from home in the morning. On Thursday, I had two interviews to conduct. So, I decided to stay for the whole day.

I had told my guy that I would be in the office for the whole day. He has been in a training class for the entire week. He rarely comes upstairs when he does have a training session to attend. Our training room is located on the main floor of our building. So, he just goes there. When he notices that I am online in the afternoon, he comes upstairs during a break to see me and after training for the day is over.

On Thursday morning, he came directly upstairs to say hi and to chat. It was nice and sweet of him. His training started at 10:00, which was roughly when my first interview was.

My guy came back a total of five times throughout the day. He told me during his fourth break that he liked seeing me when he was on break. He was also getting sleepy. I told him that perhaps I could make him feel better later on in the day. He smiled.

At around 17:00, his class was over and I was done for the day. He came over to my desk and we chatted some more. He rubbed the back of my neck. His hand went under my purple sweater and caressed my upper back. It was nice.
"I should get going," I said. I had been there since 08:20 and it was treehouse time.
"Yes, I should call it a day, too," he said. "There's stuff to do."
"There are tasks to perform," I smirked, which made him lightly tap my upper back.
I went into the kitchen to rinse my tea mug, which my guy had bought for me roughly a year ago. He came into the kitchen. He took my hand and kissed the back of it several times.
"You are being really sweet," I pointed out.
"Why do you think I am?" he asked me rhetorically.
"Let me think about it," I hinted.
I gathered my belongings and headed out the door first. A colleague was looking to talk to my guy, so I knew that there would be a delay. My guy said quietly to me that he would keep it brief.

I drove over to our regular spot and waited for him. I knew that it may be a bit of time before he'd get there. I had my phone to keep me company. I'd guess that fifteen minutes later, he parked his car to the right of mine. He then changed his mind and moved it over to the left. We both got out of our cars.
"I stole this from work," I said, handing him a brand new roll of paper towel.
"Thanks," he said, taking the roll from me and planting a tender kiss on my lips.
We got into the treehouse. I make it a habit to take off my coat before getting in. It's just easier.

We asked each other how we were. It was nice to finally be alone. We kissed for quite a bit. I touched his right ear. It was cold. I cupped my hand over it, to try and warm it up as we continued to kiss.

My guy unzipped the shoulder zipper on my sweater. He kissed my shoulders and neck. I wanted to caress his head, but he was wearing a hat. He took that off without any hesitation so that I could.

Over the Christmas period, when he was sick and we were both missing each other, I had sent him a picture of me in September. I was sitting in my car and I had a pair of shorts on. They were short, but I knew that a picture of my bare legs would make him happy. So, I sent it to him. He brought it up during a brief pause in our making-out session.
"That picture of your legs was incredible," he whispered in my ear. "I loved it. You are my queen."
It's sweet that he called me his queen. There's another first!

He played with my breasts and continued to kiss them. We locked lips again and kissed some more.
"Have you been on your best behaviour?" he asked me and we resumed kissing.
"No, I find it difficult," I said, kissing him some more.
"You know what that means, right?"
"I don't," I said, playing along and wanted to hear those words.
"You need to be punished."
We had a brief discussion about the best position for me to be in. We both agreed that my lying across his lap in the middle of the backseat was perfect. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. My guy helped me take down both my pants and my black lace panties. I proceeded to go over his knee.

This was the second spanking in which I have gone over his lap and he spends a bit of time caressing my backside with his hand. I love it and I can tell that he does, too.

Today's spanking was a bit different. He started lightly giving me a slap across my left buttock. He then did the same to my right one. He was quiet about spanking me, and alternated between smacking each buttock. The intensity started to grow a bit.
"You know what you are?" he asked me.
"A girl who is getting spanked for no apparent reason?" I asked him, testing the waters a bit.
"You think that's the case?" he asked me.
"Wrong answer."
The smacks came down harder across my bare bottom. They came down faster, too. He scolded me while he spanked me harder. It was wonderful.

My guy would check on how wet I was getting from time to time, inserting a finger or two into me. I was so into this spanking. I could feel the sting that was intensifying. My guy knew it and decided to make me come. I did and it was so enjoyable. I was in heaven. As usual, I ended up limp across his lap.

I wanted to get up, but my guy still had his fingers in me. He used his other hand to reach under my sweater and undid my bra.
"I haven't experienced that in a while," I said, surprised that he did so with one hand.
"I didn't realize that I could do that so quickly," he admitted.
I was on my hands and knees, essentially acting as an arc over my guy's lap. My guy was fingering my butt and clit with one hand, and playing with each breast with his other hand. It was a new experience, which we both enjoyed. He's a great multitasker! My climaxing was more intense. Once again, I rested across my guy's lap afterward. I could tell that he likes when I do that.

I wasn't expecting it, but he kissed my left hip, but just above my buttock.
"That's nice," I said, feeling a bit of his after-five shadow against my skin. "No one has kissed me there."
My guy kissed me there again.
"Or there..."
My guy kissed me again.
"Or there..."
And, he kissed me once more.
"Or there!"
My guy laughed and took his hand out of me. I got up. He helped pull up my panties and pants.

And yes, we kissed some more. My left hand was caressing his back. My right hand slid down to his right thigh. I rested it there for a bit. I then went to squeeze his inner right thigh. I was getting closer to touching his cock, but I teased him a bit. I finally went to caress it. His cock was extremely erect, to the point where it was standing up on its own under his trousers. I was flattered and pleased. I stroked it as we continued to kiss.

Finally, my guy couldn't take it anymore. He said my name several times, which is the second time that he has done that during quality time. He told me that I was driving him crazy.

We unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers, and slid off his briefs. I immediately wrapped my hand around his erect cock and jerked him off.

I asked him to ejaculate all over his slut's hand. I held his right hand with my left. It was another first while giving him a handjob. He was incredibly turned on. He ejaculated. He yelled in delight. He made quite the mess. He was highly dopey afterwards.

It was comical trying to find the roll of paper towel.
"(Insert a ton of sounds that resemble mumbling of sorts)," my guy said.
"I don't know where the roll went," I said to my guy.
"(More mumbling sounds, as if he were at the dentist talking to a hygienist)."
"I know that you took it from me before we entered the car,"
"(Yes, more mumbling by my guy)."
"(My mumbling back at him)."
"You're making fun of me!" my guy exclaimed, which was more articulated.
I really wasn't making fun of him. I was more surprised that I understood every word that he was saying. I told him that he was absolutely adorable and endearing in dopey mode. He said that he was beyond dopey.

I did find the roll of paper towel sitting on the driver's seat. I grabbed it and we cleaned up. The rest of the evening in the car was spent talking and cuddling. I had both my arms wrapped around his waist. My head was resting against his chest. His head was resting lovingly on top of mine.
"This is nice," he whispered. "I enjoy your company."
"I like this, too," I replied. "I don't want to let you go."
Eventually, I did have to physically. I don't ever want to let him go. He's far too special for me to do so.

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