Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vacation with my guy - all I've ever wanted

I'm sitting here with a sore bottom. I've always liked that feeling. My guy did a great job. =)

I will write about about my spanking in another post. After having quality time with my guy tonight, we talked, as we normally do. My guy has been anxiously awaiting to go on the road.
"I just bought a new Samsung Tab. I have loaded it up with eBooks, so I can read them while travelling," my guy said.
"Travelling as in driving and reading?" I asked, teasing him as he likes to multitask while driving.
"No, I don't read while I drive!" he protested. "I miss travelling. I have to wait for three weeks before I am on the road."
"At least I get to enjoy having you for three weeks," I said, hugging him tightly.
"That's true. There's always Skype," he reassured me.
"How long are you gone for?"
"A week," my guy replied. "I'm going to St. Louis."
"How about if I joined you?" I suggested. "I have a week of vacation carried over from last year."
"That would be wonderful! We could have dinner together every day. We could cuddle and watch TV. We could cause a lot of mischief," my guy hinted.
Yep, I am tagging along on his business trip, making it my vacation. Sure, it's not exactly tropical weather, but we both have not been there. My guy is sweet.
"What will you do all day while I am at work?" he asked me.
"I'll find something," I replied. "I can do tons of shopping."
My guy is a shopper. He'll be pleased that there are a few Costco stores for us to frequent. Yay, vacation! I am so excited!

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