Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Improving communications and making my guy wonder

As I had mentioned in a previous post, my guy has to work on improving his communication skills. I will admit that I have seen a bit of improvement, but they need work!

On Monday night, I had asked him whether he was going to be at work on Tuesday. He told me that he wasn't. Yet, a colleague had mentioned that he was at work on Tuesday, but wasn't feeling too well.

He typically is in the office on Wednesdays. He wasn't this past Wednesday. I was there all day long. I heard nothing from him. I figured that after my colleague had indicated that my guy wasn't feeling too well on Tuesday that he was sick at home.

My guy did manage to send me an e-mail, saying that he was working from home sick. He hoped to be better by Friday, hinting at some treehouse time with me.

I wrote back to him three hours later. I had two interviews to conduct, so I quickly sent him an e-mail. I hinted that he wasn't immune to working on Tuesday and hoped that he would feel better soon. I also thanked him for letting me know of his whereabouts. It was thoughtful of him and it did ease my mind.

I had good news to share with him. I decided not to discuss it in the e-mail. Instead, I hinted that I'd share it with him on Friday, provided that he was there. It was a good move on my part to make him ponder that over.

I do have a love for Starbucks. My guy teases me that I practically live there, which isn't true. I do visit a Starbucks roughly three times a week. It was different this week. I hadn't been there since Monday.

On LivingSocial, there was a Starbucks offer. You buy a $10 Starbucks eCard for $5. I shared this deal on Facebook because I like to share the wealth. 

My guy has a knack for catching me off-guard with sweet surprises. We are connected on Facebook. He saw that Starbucks deal. He surprised me with an eCard. He joked that he was worried that I hadn't been to Starbucks for nearly three days. He thought that he was the sick one!
He also told me that he had to wonder about my good news for another two days. He told me that I'd "pay for that!" Yep, I love a good threat that sets up a spanking session. I told him that it's fun making him wonder. 

Unfortunately, my guy didn't make it to work on Friday. He was stuck on a call with someone based in Pakistan. So, he had to wonder about my news even more and hinted that I could tell him either through texts or by e-mail. I told him that I'd rather tell him in-person.

It was a shame that we couldn't see each other this week. But, there's always next week. Here's to better communication!

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