Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coming into work ten minutes later than usual

On Monday, I went into the office in the afternoon. I had a brief chat with my colleague by the elevators. I then headed to my cubicle. My guy was at his desk. I could tell that he was happy to see me as he looked up a couple of times.

We chatted for a bit about our weekends and whatever else was on our minds. He then changed the subject.
"You're ten minutes late," he said, looking at the clock on his laptop.
"Wow, I didn't realize that I needed to punch in when I got to work," I said to him.
"You normally come into work at 14:30," my guy stated.
"Am I in trouble?" I asked him.
"Why, yes," he said, with both of us smiling at each other.
I like the notion of being punished for something. It's the perfect setup. It turns me on.

I realized later on in the day why my guy had pointed out my slight tardiness. My guy said the sweetest thing to me.
"When it's 14:30 and I hear the kitchen door open, I look to see if it's you. I kept on looking today and it wasn't you. I was disappointed each time until you finally walked through the door."
"That's so nice," I said, nearly melting in my cubicle.
I have never taken his sweetness for granted. It means a lot.

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