Saturday, January 26, 2013

A thoughtful phone call

On Tuesday, my guy called me towards the end of the day. We both thought that he was going to work from home. He made the odd decision to come into work for a three-minute meeting.

My guy is one of the brightest folks that I have met and know. However, it boggled my mind why he would drive an hour to the office on a day where he typically works from home. He could have arranged for a teleconference. He agreed.

It was thoughtful of my guy to call me. I always love hearing his voice and talking to him. It took me a while to pick up the phone. My guy asked if I was sleeping. I was doing work and heard my phone go off, but it was under a pile of papers that I had placed over it throughout the day.

My guy had to visit his friend at a hospital in Richmond Hill, which is a town next to where I live. He wondered if we could meet at a Starbucks and chat. After I had explained to him how long it would take for him to drive from work to this hospital, he agreed that time would be tight. My guy also had to stop at a store to get his friend some chocolates.

I feel that we have both grown in our relationship. Having my guy offer to see me and then both of us agreeing that it would be best to wait another day would have made us depressed and disappointed in the past. I told him that it was extremely thoughtful of him to want to see me, especially at my favourite coffee place (I am not a diehard coffee drinker, but I love tea, mocha, hot chocolate, and baked goods). My guy sounded like he was going to melt after I had said what I did.

I wished him a safe drive. My guy and I are similar in a lot of respects. We both love shopping. Since my guy was going to get some chocolates for his friend, I knew that his shopping excursion alone would take a while.

The following day, my guy admitted that he went shopping after he had spoken to me over the phone. He decided to delay seeing his friend till Wednesday.

Yep, I get my guy. I don't understand him completely, but I am working on it.


  1. hahah.. we had a conversation today about shopping. apparently BIkSS thinks walking around hardware and videogames and IT stores doesn't count as shopping!

    he calls it research. tsk.

    1. lol! I suppose that I do a ton of research and shopping, according to BIKSS's definition. =)