Thursday, January 24, 2013

Skype, lunch, a new treehouse, and work

I can tell when my guy misses me. He sends me messages, mainly on Skype.

I tend to start my workday at around 08:30. I work from home most mornings, so it's easy to roll out of bed, fix myself some breakfast, turn on my laptop, and work in my pajamas. My guy (MG) must have seen me online on Skype. He rarely sends me messages first thing in the morning. Today was quite the exception.
MG: Good morning
Me: Good morning! How are you?
MG: I'm okay. Online with the guy from the UK since 7:30. Hopefully will be done with this demo today
Me: Early start, I see. Hope the demo is going well.
MG: Yes, it is
Me: =)
MG: How was the weekend
Me: Weekend was good. Too short, as always. How was yours?
MG: Typical. TV watching
MG: A bit of shopping too
MG: Missed the Metamucil on sale at Costco though
Me: lol
Me: I take it that you'll be working from home today?
MG: Well, not sure. it all depends on how long this takes.
MG: Will let you know.
Me: Sounds good. Let me know.
MG: Will do
MG: Yes, I'm going to the office today. Just hung up with that guy. Will call him back from the office.
Me: Cool... will see you later. Safe travels into work.
MG: See you then
What was different about today's Skype session was that he initiated the chat on his work account. He has never chatted with me using it. It has always been his personal one.

He got to work approximately 1.5 hours later. He first logged on to his Skype account for work. He then switched to his other Skype account that we normally use.
MG: Hey babe
Me: Hey, sweetie... at work now?
MG: Yes
MG: Would you like to come a bit earlier and have lunch at the Chinese place?
Me: That is tempting. What time were you thinking of having lunch?
MG: The earlier, the better. Let me know when you're near.
So, I left just past noon and headed to work. I called my guy on my cell phone just before I pulled into the parking lot.

I was probably waiting for him for ten minutes. He came down and hopped into my car. We chatted as I drove across the parking lot.

Some guy entered the wrong lane when attempting to come into the lot and was driving towards us. It was odd. My lane can only accommodate a single car, with cement barriers on either side. The guy had to back up.

So, my guy asked me what the big news was. I told him that a manager at work whomt I dislike working with is leaving next month. My guy was happy, mainly because he knows how irritated I get working with this manager and he likes to see me happy. He reached out for my right hand. We held hands as I drove us to the Chinese restaurant.

I parked in the parking lot. My guy had a request.
"Can I get a kiss from you?" he asked.
"I thought you'd never ask."
It was one long kiss. Soft lips against soft lips. A bit of tongue. It was sweet. We both loved it. My guy said that it was the sweetest kiss that he has ever had.

We walked into the restaurant, ordered our meals, and chatted as we ate. My guy was clearly distracted.
"Can we have treehouse time after lunch?" he asked me.
"Sure," I replied. "Maybe we shouldn't have kissed so soon."
"No, it was perfect."
My guy said that I was beautiful. It was sweet. I was blushing.

The bill came. My guy paid, handed me a candy, and wanted to leave immediately. He is boyish that way, as he was horny.

We talked out of the restaurant and he held my hand as we walked toward my car. I love when he does that.

I pulled into our usual spot. We have never had treehouse time in my car. We had to figure out the logistics. My guy's car has two doors. My car has four. We had to pull the seats forward. I also had to get a roll of paper towel from my trunk. My guy commented on how durable my paper towel was. It was designed to wipe windshields, so it won't leave any streaks!

We got into our new treehouse. We kissed some more. It was nice. He groped my left breast. I stroked his chest. He reached down to my crotch and started rubbing it. We kissed passionately. He rubbed me faster and with more intensity. I loved it. I was so aroused. Moments later, I had reached orgasm and rested in his arms.
"I have missed being held in your arms," I replied, relaxed and content while I rested my head against his chest.
He hugged me harder. He told me that he had missed me so much. I knew that. The feeling was certainly mutual!

He unbuttoned my pants, and I pulled both my panties and pants down. I rested against his chest as if it were a headrest. He fingered me. It was nice that his fingers that were in me were warm, but his fingers not in me were colder. It was wonderful. I eventually did come for a second time and continued resting against him. He liked the paper towel that he was using to wipe up.

I changed positions and hugged him. He told me that he could cuddle with me for hours. I agreed. I do love when we cuddle.

I reached down to caress his cock. His reaction indicated that he was excited and horny as all can be. His hard cock said it all. I continued to caress it for a bit before I asked if I could jerk him off.

Sure enough, my guy pulled down his trousers and briefs, and let me wrap my hand around his hard penis. I started to jerk him off with my left hand. I then decided to switch, jerking him off with my right hand and caressing his balls with my left. He loved everything that was going on. At one point, he put his legs together and loved having my left hand sandwiched between them. In no time, he ejaculated. He was one happy, content boy. I was happy, too.

We rested in each other's arms for a bit before we went ahead and cleaned up. I found my hand sanitizer, shared it, and continued cuddling.

At one point, we were holding hands. With us both being in dopey mode, I said that his fingers and knuckles were soft -- even softer than my own. He disagreed. We had this childish no-yes playful disagreement for a bit.

I asked my guy if he had thought about me over the weekend. He did often. He told me that he was missing me so much and was so horny this morning that he had to relieve himself, but it didn't work. He needed me. Sure, that was a physical response, but he also wanted to be with me. He wanted my company and wanted to chat with me. He is sweet.

I drove us back to the office. We were both not in the mood to do much work. We did talk about work, but it took us a while to get back into the swing of things.

We talked about the upcoming lunar new year. He was asking about Chinese horoscopes and a compatibility chart. We figured out what animal sign he was. He then went to the chart and figured out that we are highly compatible. I don't think that we needed a chart to tell us that, but it was nice to get that confirmation.

We got to talking about my needing a stand for my iPad. He told me about a lapdesk that he got from Costco, which has an iPad holder. My guy uses it for his laptop. It sounded promising. He said that he would pick up one for me.

He's thoughtful. I am clearly a lucky girl.