Sunday, December 30, 2012

Discreet affection at a farewell work luncheon

Two Thursdays ago was the part-time writer's farewell luncheon. This part-time writer, who told me when she was rehired that she "hates writing," decided that she was "not renewing [her] contract." Frankly, it was the best early Christmas present I could have received at work.

She took the job as a means to socialize with folks. I never understood why she returned at first, but it was clear as each month passed that she craved socializing with people. You could tell that actually doing work meant little to her. She took four weeks of unpaid vacation since she was hired back in June. I, on the other hand, have taken two weeks of vacation for the entire year and am carrying over my last week of vacation to 2013.

So, as expected, the part-time writer could not decide where she wanted to go for lunch. It took a project manager to suggest having sushi. She is not the generous type. Whenever we go out for lunch, she does not offer to drive. Although today was her day, she still didn't offer to drive.

I had to stop by the training room to get my guy. I wasn't expecting her to wait for me, along with two other colleagues. Obviously, she wasn't going to attempt to drive at all. My guy was kind to offer. He is truly a gentleman.

My guy sat next to me at the Japanese restaurant. There were eight of us. We were seated in a separate room, but the tables were separated. It was nice to not be seated at the same table with the part-time writer.

My guy is the type who picks up things quickly. He tried using chopsticks for the first time. He asked me if he was holding them correctly. He nearly had it. I taught him how. I also ordered sushi for him, as he didn't know what he felt like. It was sweet that he trusted me.

When we were all done eating lunch, we all talked. I discreetly caressed the back of his left calf and the side of his left thigh for quite a bit.

Two hours later, my guy drove the four of us back to the workplace. I was leaving for the day. The part-time writer asked if I was in the office the follow day, which was her last day. I said no. The funny thing was that my guy had clients to meet with on Friday, so he never got to see her. The other writer ended up feeling ill on Friday. So, it was fitting that no one was there on her final day. She has dropped the ball on numerous tasks, which all three of us have had to pick up the slack.

I asked my guy if he wanted my parking spot. He was game. I hopped back into his car and he drove me to mine.

He asked me whether others had noticed that I was affectionately caressing his thigh and calf. I said that I doubted it. I asked my guy if he was worried about it. He wasn't.

I could tell that he enjoyed my touching him. I would have loved to have massaged his crotch, but that wouldn't have been too discreet!

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