Monday, December 24, 2012

Checking up my sadness and spanking aftermath

I have mentioned in the past that I tend to initiate writing e-mails to my guy, to see how he is and such. Lately, when my guy is concerned about me, he tends to send me e-mails.

Sure, we Skype, but we're not always online at the same time, unless it's during regular business hours. Yes, we both have cell phones, but our texts are short and we are often meeting somewhere and need to communicate quickly. Writing e-mails allows us to express a lot more.

On Thursday, both of us were working from home. He sent me an e-mail, asking if I was feeling better -- both emotionally and physically from the spanking that I had received the previous evening.

I wrote to him, saying that I wasn't sad like I was on Wednesday. My backside was sore, as expected. I liked how I had a constant reminder of the fine level of service that I got from him whenever I was seated.

I also hoped that he wasn't scared from my crying while receiving such a hard spanking from him. I told him that I was sad. Being scolded and spanked hard while being so sad caused me to cry. It was an emotional release and I felt much better after letting my sadness out.

My guy wrote back tonight. He told me not to worry about crying in front of him. He let me know that I am comfortable doing it and that I can tell him exactly how I feel. He admitted that he was worried about me on Wednesday, but he knew that I would get out of my blueness phase.

Last week, he said something to me that was significant in my eyes. My blog posts these days are a bit messed up (I have two older posts to complete, for instance). On Wednesday, he told me that I was the best girlfriend he could ever have.

To most folks, using girlfriend would sound like being in high school and perhaps even like we were naive young kids starting out in the world. My guy using this word to describe me is huge. He has never used it before, although it has always been understood since we've been together. I told him that. It meant and still means a lot to me.

Just when you think that you can't grow closer as a couple, you truly do.

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