Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A work-related call with punishment implications

Down the road, I'll need to add a blog post explaining the reason behind my guy getting me an early Christmas present. For now, I'll describe last Thursday.

The last spanking that I got from my guy was indeed one of the harder ones that I have received in quite some time. It took nearly three days for the soreness to completely fade away. I could tell that first night that it was some spanking session. I fell asleep on my back and woke up on my right side. He had spanked my bare left buttock a lot harder than the right one. The pressure of my sleeping on my backside was too much and I shifted positions during the night.

Last Thursday, I worked from home. I worked hard and was pleased with everything that I had accomplished. I shut down my laptop at 18:30 and decided to blast music.

It was 19:12. My cell phone rang. It was a call from work. Who on Earth would call me? Yep, my guy was still there.
"Hello, Cutiebootie speaking," I answered.
"Hey," my guy said.
"Hey! Is this a work-related call?"
"Yes, in a way," he said in an awkward manner.
"In that case, I should hang up," which made us both laugh.
I could tell that he needed help. He needed some metadata from me. In a nutshell, he needed my metadata to run our software application and show how it works to a group of clients the next day. I told my guy that I had to get my laptop out of hibernation mode.

We talked while my laptop was booting up. My guy said that he would make up for this work-related phone call the next day. He was planning to take me out to Winners (it's owned by TJ Maxx) to get me a new outfit as an early Christmas present.

This week, my guy is an instructor to a number of clients.
"If I were in your class, would you pass me?" I asked him hypothetically.
"Of course," he stated confidently. "You're sleeping with the instructor. It's a guarantee."
"Maybe," I pondered.
"In undergrad, I am sure that you could have slept with any of your professors to improve your marks," he teased.
"My computer science and math professors weren't exactly attractive," I explained. "Now, if they looked like you, I wouldn't hesitate."
"Aww, and you don't think that you're smooth?" he teased.
"You're better at it," I pointed out.
"That was smooth."
"It's all true."
I like when my guy hints at spanking me.
"So, we're going to get you some nice clothes tomorrow and you will wear them."
"What if I don't want to?" I asked him.
"Are you challenging me?" he asked me.
"No," I replied. "I just might say no to whatever you decide to get me."
"Well, you know what happens if you don't comply, right?"
"No," I said playfully.
"I will have no choice but to punish you."
He will punish me no matter what I do. I like that.

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