Friday, December 28, 2012

New cardigan and quality time to cheer my guy up

These events happened a couple of weeks ago. I am backlogged with posts, but do continue to enjoy reading along. =)

Sometimes, I don't know what to expect when I go into work on a Monday. This particular Monday was bizarre.

Well, I knew that my guy was in training class all week, so I wasn't expecting to immediately see him at his desk when I got to work. I knew that he would come up to see me on a break.

Well, I came into work and spoke to my writing colleague. She complimented me on my navy blue cardigan with purple horizontal stripes that went partially down it. I thanked her and said that I got it as a present.

As we were talking, my guy walked in. He looked at me. I looked up at him. We both waved to each other, as if we were looking in the mirror and seeing how we looked. We waved as if we were a single person.

My guy and I finally got to talk. Sometimes, our conversations are cute.
"Hey, is that a new sweater?" he asked me.
"Yes, it is," I replied. "A dear friend got it for me as a present on Friday."
"It looks great on you," he replied, almost patting himself on the back for being my personal stylus and buying it for me.
I must admit that my guy has great taste in clothing. It was a lot of fun shopping with him.

My guy was not having a good day, though. He told me that nothing was going right in the training course that he was in. One of the students had an old laptop and Windows had crashed on it.

My guy decided to share some biscotti with me. I ended up getting some hot water for my tea from the communal kitchen. He was standing behind me, admiring me from afar.

He had also dropped his lunch on the floor. Thus, he had been snacking on biscotti for most of the afternoon. He was not in a happy mood, as he was running on little sleep. He is the type of person who needs at least seven hour of sleep. He was up till 01:00, frying up eggplant because he was hungry.

I managed to get my guy laughing by cracking a few jokes. Another colleague had offered "happy pills" to my guy, which are vitamins with caffeine in them. My guy said that I didn't need to take any of them because I am always happy. Although that's not true, I am a pretty upbeat person on the whole.

I didn't think that he wanted any quality time and I wasn't sure if he wanted to talk. So, I called it a day at 18:00. My guy remembered that he had left a carton of milk in the training room. So, we rode the elevator together.

The elevator was ours. We kissed. He groped my left buttock. I caressed the back of his neck. He truly did want some quality time. We went into the training room. Sadly, there were folks there, but it's not the best place for quality time as IT guys have access to the room. He got the milk and we left.

We talked at the elevators. He asked if I wanted a quickie moment with him. Yep, we ended up meeting in the treehouse roughly fifteen minutes later.

My guy loved the grey dress pants that I was wearing. He told me that they guide him nicely to my crotch and they're nice for groping my backside.

He made me reach orgasm twice. Of course, we kissed quite a bit before hand. He loved the cardigan that he had bought for me. He wanted access to my breasts and unbuttoned it. I had a black bra underneath, which drove him crazy. He sucked my breasts. He kissed my tummy. He managed to tickle me, too.

My guy wanted me to give him a blowjob. I was happy to oblige. He was clearly horny. Just before he was about to come, I took his cock out of my mouth and gave him a handjob, firmly grasping the top part of it. I wasn't expecting him to practically scream in ecstasy when he ejaculated, but he did. I was so happy. He told me that it was intense and loved it.

We cleaned up. I told him how much I loved shopping with him the previous Friday. I also told him that I loved when he held my hand at Winners and when we walked out of the store holding hands to my car. It meant a lot to me, considering that my ex was never into public affection. My guy was touched. He kissed my hand and then my face.

We cuddled. We talked. It didn't feel like a quickie. We were there for nearly two hours.

I asked him if he was awake. He was. He was also cheerful and content. It's amazing what treehouse time can cure.

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