Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skype excitement

Last Wednesday, it took some time for me to get motivated to do some work at home. I think the combination of gloominess outside and the fact that I need a vacation has finally caught up with me.

I got to the office in the afternoon. I ended up talking to folks while I took out my laptop and connected it to the network.

I realized that I didn't have my cell phone with me. Perhaps it had fallen out of my bag in the car. So, I went downstairs to the parking lot to find it. Along the way, I stopped by my boss's desk, asking if we could reschedule our Friday afternoon meeting to today. He was fine with that arrangement.

Yes, I went outside with a black cashmere sweater and a pair of grey corduroy pants. The temperature was hovering around the freezing mark. For some reason, I don't find such conditions to be cold. Perhaps it is because I used to live in Winnipeg for nearly a decade.

Sure enough, my cell phone was sitting in the backseat of my car. I fetched it and went back into the building. I had to see someone on the eleventh floor, so I took the elevator all the way up. I ended up chatting with another colleague first before finding the other one that I needed to speak to about a work-related problem.

I finally got to my desk and chatted with yet another colleague who has a number of ulcers in his eye. That must be painful. Apparently, he wears contact lenses and bacteria was the culprit.

I would say that roughly an hour later, my guy came upstairs from his training class to see me. He always makes me smile when I see his face. We talked for a bit. My boss was running late. He eventually caught me and we talked for about 40 minutes.

My guy was done with his training course at around 17:30. We talked a bit. He asked me out for dinner. I couldn't say no. We left work. He offered to drive. I was good with that.

We held hands as he drove. My guy tends to have cold hands. I am the complete opposite. I ended up heating his right hand up.

We went to a Chinese restaurant up the road. He let me sit on the padded bench.
"I thought that you liked the bench," he said to me.
"I don't mind either way, except when I am sore, like last week" I hinted.
"We can fix that," he said, grinning at me.
We ordered dinner and chatted. His company is always enjoyable. Our time spent eating and chatting was a combination of sexual innuendos, and serious conversation.

I am a slow eater. He was watching me as I continued to shovel some food into my mouth.
"You are so beautiful," he said to me. "You're cute, you know."
 "Thanks," I said, looking into his eyes. He's not so bad himself.
"Your hair frames your face nicely. You have a cute chin. And, those lips! They should be doing something else..."
My guy hinted that he was getting hard. It was funny to see him get the bill and pay for it quickly. I could tell that he was in the mood for treehouse time. We cracked open our fortune cookies and looked at our fortunes. I taught him how to say his fortune in Cantonese. The woman hadn't come back to provide change. Instead, my guy asked if I had change. I did, putting down nearly three dollars. We headed out the door.

My guy definitely wanted some treehouse time. I told him that this request was unexpected, but nice.

He drove us to our usual spot and we climbed in. My guy then said that he had forgotten something. He was looking for something in the front seat area, so he was arched over. I got quite a nice view of him bent over, with his backside available. I couldn't help but to swat his bottom. He didn't complain. It was a good sign.

What he was looking for was not in the front seat area. He had to climb out of the treehouse and look in his car's trunk. He was looking for a surgical-type glove. He thought that fingering me would be fun with one on.

We kissed as soon as he came back into the treehouse. I then hugged him. My hug ended up consisting of my going over his knee. He started to spank me with a few light swats.
"What did I do?" I asked him.
"Do you really need a reason?" he asked me.
"Yes, it would be helpful," I said, not really wanting a reason, but I wanted to see his reaction.
The smacks across my backside became harder. He likes giving me six smacks in rapid succession these days. I truly enjoy when he scolds me, punctuating every word with a stern smack across each buttock.
"I am going to spank you so hard that you'll need to sit on that padded bench (in the restaurant) tomorrow," he added, which completed made me incredibly horny.
He stopped spanking me and decided to finger me from behind. I was lubricated, which was an understatement! Moments later, I was one happy girl.

I then worked on my guy. He took down his slacks and briefs. He was erect, as he had mentioned during our dinner conversation. It wasn't a surprise.
"Suck me, Cutiebootie," he whispered in my ear.
My guy saying my name during treehouse time is something different. We have never said each other's name. We tend to when we are talking, but never when we are intimate. It was a nice sign.

I sucked his hard cock. I loved how it felt. In a weird way, it was kind of like dessert for me. Again, it didn't take long for my guy to ejaculate.

We cleaned up afterward. We were both dopey, although I was more in that state than he was. It was to the point where I stayed in the backseat and my guy drove me back to my car at our workplace's parking lot after we spend some time chatting and cuddling.

My guy revealed to me that during his training class today that he saw my name pop up in Skype. He was excited that I was at the office that he took a break. He wanted to see me. Unfortunately, I wasn't at my desk when he decided to break. An hour later, he came back to our cubicle area and found me. We chatted. It was sweet that he had the need to see me.

We have a ramp that leads us to our building. I was kind of out of it. I actually said, "Whee!" as my guy drove up it. My guy stopped the car in front of mine and looked at me.
"You are so dopey," he stated, which was pretty obvious. "You only came twice."
"Yes, and I also ate more carbs than I normally do, which makes me lethargic faster," I pointed out.
He nodded as I got out of the backseat and then gathered my stuff from the front seat. I thanked him for a nice evening, hugged and kissed him, and then closed his car's door. He waited for me to get into my car and start it before he drove off. He's nice that way.

It was a great evening out. I have a sore bottom to prove it.

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