Thursday, December 13, 2012

My early Christmas gifts - shopping at Winners

Last Friday was a trying day for me. I felt sluggish, probably because I had worked hard at getting a number of tasks done the previous day and I hadn't fully recovered from it. The morning consisted of my not doing much. I just sat in front of my computer and read a few e-mails.

I got to work on Friday afternoon. It was nice to see my guy. Unfortunately, our boss had a last-minute task for both of us to do. We had to provide word counts of all our documents (me) and presentations (my guy).

The unfortunate part about my task is that the two largest sets of documentation are online help files, all in HTML. It's not like Word where you get your word count automatically. I ended up downloading a free copy of software that counts words for practically every possible file format. I was so happy.

I told my guy about it. He wanted a demo and came over to my desk. I showed him. He touched my shoulder blades and grabbed my right side, near my armpit. He is the only guy that I know who likes doing that. It's sweet and I like it.

He then moved to my left side. His hand went down my jeans to squeeze my left buttock. It has been quite some time since he has done that.

I had entered all my totals in a table and then sent the file to my guy. He entered his numbers in and sent everything to our boss, copying me, in an e-mail. We then quickly packed up and headed out the door.

My guy told a fellow colleague that there was shopping to be done. Yep, today was my early Christmas. We were headed to Winners to get me an outfit.

I offered to drive us. My guy put his stuff in his car. I pulled my car next to his car, waited for him to get in my car, and we were off to the local Winners.

My guy is fun to be with. He thinks that I'm equally as fun to hang out with.
"Are you wearing your seatbelt?" he asked him, groping my breasts with his hand.
"That was subtle," I said.
"I am just concerned about your safety," he admitted.
"Sure," I said, unconvinced.
At one point, our joking became so fun that I ended up pulling down the visor in my car, moving the shutter over to one side, and having him look at himself in the mirror to reveal who was being the "bad person." We laughed a lot.

After that, we drove holding hands to Winners. Our relationship feels like a high school one sometimes. I can't complain.

We had a fun time there. I had told my guy the other day that I needed a winter coat. He had picked out one that was what I had wanted. It was a double-breasted wool coat. He teased me about the double-breasted part the other day. I tried it on, but the coat was a bit tight. He was attempting to button the coat, but ended up feeling my breasts. Ah, how nice!

My guy has good taste. Although we didn't find any decent dress pants for me, he did manage to pick out seven different tops for me to try.

We went through some hideous ones.
"This one looks like a tennis ball," he stated, referring to the top's colour. "I want to take a paddle and smack it."
"That sweater does remind me of a tennis ball! Does it come in a pair of pants?" I asked him, hinting that he could smack my backside with that paddle.
My guy wanted to see me in every outfit when I was about to go into the ladies' fitting room. I told him that it would be a long night. Instead, I wore every outfit and took pictures using my camera phone. It was a first for me.

After I was done, I shared my pictures with my guy. I took a shot of my buttoning up a nice cardigan sweater, which revealed my black bra. He loved that photo. He looked at it longingly for a minute.

In the end, he bought me two tops. Yes, the cardigan that I wore over my black bra was a keeper. He also liked me in a striped, blue-and-white dress shirt.

We walked over to the cash register. He held my hand as we walked over there, with his other hand holding the two articles of clothing that he was about to buy for me. After that, we continued holding hands as we walked out the store and to my car.

It was a sweet evening. We got into my car and we kissed for a bit before we made the drive back to work.

Yep, we continued to hold hands. He is a sweet guy and I enjoy such moments with him. We continued to joke.

We got to the parking lot at work. I parked my car next to his. We kissed some more. He then whispered in my ear.
"On Monday, you are going to wear one of those articles of clothing, right?" he asked me with a stern tone in his voice.
"What if I don't?" I asked, challenging him.
"You know what will happen to you," he nodded. "I am giving you an option of choosing which outfit to wear first. Whether you wear it or not, you will be punished."
I wanted to hear that statement. We hugged and kissed a bit longer before he got out of my car and into his.

We both admitted that shopping was a lot of fun together. We normally don't go shopping for clothes together. We should more often.


  1. Such a fun shopping trip. Not many guys enjoy shopping with their loved ones.

    Winners is my favourite store!


  2. Thanks, Hermione! It is true that most guys don't like shopping. I am lucky that my guy does. In a way, it felt like I had a stylist with me.

    I love Winners, too!