Friday, December 07, 2012

Hard, sound spanking and more

I was working from home on Monday morning. It was just before 13:00 and I was about to grab some lunch before heading into the office. My guy (MG) logged on to Skype and started a conversation with me. It was nice, but I was shocked. He knows that I go into the office on Mondays, so we tend to chat when I'm there.

My guy is in a course all week. Here's an excerpt from our Skype chat:
MG: Hey there
Me: Hey
Me: How goes it?
MG: Same old, same old
MG: Just started the advanced course. Guess who's in it
MG: The cool couple :)
Me: Who's the cool couple?
MG: The two guys from the other course
Me: Ah, you must be having such a fine time then! :)
MG: oh yeah. I'm ignoring their asses big time.
Me: So, I suppose that you need more breaks.
Me: lol
Me: It's nice hearing from you
MG: You, too.
MG: Are you coming to the office today?
Me: I am, or is that a warning sign that I should say home for some reason?
MG: No, it is not a warning sign :)
MG: It would be nice to see you
Me: That's sweet
Me: Seeing you would be great
MG: You're a doll ;)
Me: :)
Me: An occasional talking one
MG: lol
MG: Let's see if you close your eyes when you go on your back
Me: lol
Me: I think that you know the answer to that!
MG:Yes I do lol
MG: I like to play with dolls. Undressing them and all
Me: I'd like that... kinda miss that.
MG: Me too
Me: :)
Me: I gotta grab some lunch before I head into the office. I will see you soon.
MG: Sure. Drive carefully
Me: Will do. Have fun ignoring those jerks.
Me: :)
MG: I will :)
Me: :)
I got to work. My guy came to see me during a break from his course. We caught up.
"Software developers think that I am from Venus," I said to my guy.
"Venus, huh?" my guy pondered. "You must be a goddess. Well, you are to me."
My guy said again that I would win a performance award at work next year. He's kind, but I doubt that I will, despite my putting in a ton of hours and work.
"I'm in professional services," he said to me.
"I must be a part of the unprofessional services" I joked, hinting at our time spent in the treehouse.
"We should have a meeting today," my guy hinted, looking at my breasts.
"Yes, we need to have a discussion."
My guy was done with his course at 17:15. We left our floor and headed to the elevators. We got an empty elevator to ourselves. My guy stated that he loved the double-V sweater that I was wearing as we walked into the empty elevator. The doors closed. He groped my right buttock as I caressed the back of his head and kissed him passionately.

We headed to our respective cars and drove over to our usual place. He greeted me by groping my right buttock again before I climbed into the backseat of his car. Yep, we were ready for treehouse time.

We started off by kissing. We usually do. I could tell that my guy had truly missed me. He was giving me tons of kisses down my neck, my shoulders, and just under my right breast. It was nice as I cupped the back of his head in my right hand, caressing it while enjoying his sweet lips pressed against my skin.

He lifted up my bra and sucked my right nipple. It was heavenly. He nibbled on it for a bit and went back to kissing around my breast.
"I want to eat you," he said in his usual sexy voice. It was nice.
My guy was really into me. I ended up lying on my back, stretched out in the backseat. He was right on top of me. He lifted up my sweater and kissed my tummy, which made me giggle. Yep, I'm ticklish.

He did something different. He kissed my belly button and used his tongue to lick around it. Yep, I'm ticklish, but it was nice. No one has done that before. He told me later that he loves my belly button.

We hugged a bit before he rubbed my crotch. He didn't undo my pants just yet. I was already turned on by all the butt-groping action that it didn't take much effort for me to come.

He undid my pants. It made me laugh. He eventually got my pants down. He also slid my lacy panties down while we were kissing.

He led me over his knee. He was fingering me from behind. I was incredibly wet.
"You're such a slut," he insisted. Without much warning, his firm hand landed across my bare left buttock.
I could tell that this was going to be a hard spanking. He did not disappoint. He scolded me and spanked me a number of times in rapid succession. Six hard whacks landed on my left cheek, followed by the same number on the other.
"Are you ever going to learn?" he asked rhetorically, continuing to punish my backside.
"It hurts, sir," I said, feeling the warmth and sting.
He fingered my clit between the sets of smacks that he was performing across my now sore backside. He finally stopped spanking me and decided to finger me to orgasm. It was wonderful. I rested across his lap, limp, but happy.

We kissed some more. We talked briefly.
"I'm sorry that I hit you so hard," he told me apologetically.
"No, you're not," I said, which made him chuckle. "You enjoyed every moment."
A few moments later, he confessed that he liked spanking me hard.
"You have become a great spanker," I said, complimenting him.
"I do enjoy spanking you."
It was now round three. He was fingering my butt.
"Do you feel like a slut?" he asked me.
"I have felt like a slut when I climbed into the treehouse," I replied.
I was still bent over his lap. Instead, I rubbed my face against his hard cock that was still housed in his briefs and pants. I came again.
"I'm dopey," I admitted, sounding childish.
"But, you only came three times," my guy reasoned.
He unbuckled his belt. His slacks slid down. He pulled his briefs off.
"Can you touch my thighs?" he asked me politely.
Being dopey, I gently rubbed the inner part of his right thigh. He knows that I like squeezing that part of him and I did just that. He likes when I do that, too.

I moved to his other thigh, squeezing under his thigh and rubbing the length of it. I found his left buttock and I groped it. He quietly moaned. He still makes me believe that he is a good candidate for being spanked if he likes having his bottom squeezed and caressed.

I wrapped my hand around his erect cock. He started to jerk him off. I wanted to suck him and did just that. I got down on my knees in the treehouse and started sucking the tip of his penis. I then worked my way down the shaft. My guy had his eyes closed, definitely enjoying the experience as he continued to finger my butt.
"Do you like sucking me?" he asked. I mumbled something that resembled an affirmative response.
He told me, as usual, that he was about to come. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and he came. He was dopey, but not enough to not make me come again. It took a bit longer, but I did.
"Are you not going to let me sit down?" I asked him, as he still had his finger up my butt.
"I like it there," he admitted. "It's nice to have it hug my finger."
"Well, it's going to look funny when I'm at the grocery store and your finger is still up my ass," I stated. "I'd have to say to the cashier, 'Don't mind him. He's with me.'"
"He's in me," my guy said, laughing.
We cleaned up with my finding the box of tissues and my guy trying to get them out of the box. I held the box down to make it easier. The box was on his chest for the longest time until I managed to move it.

We cuddled afterward, with my head leaning on his chest, like we normally do. My guy drifted off and snored for a bit. He knew that he had, too. We were holding hands. I was rubbing his thumb with mine, which was reminiscent of when we both hinted that we liked each other. We both agreed that we liked this moment a lot.

Naturally, we chatted some more. I may need to talk about that in another post.


  1. Thanks! It was a much needed spanking session with some quality time tossed in for good measure. =)