Monday, December 31, 2012

Wearing a new dress shirt and feeling overwhelmed in the treehouse

I am still catching up on my blog entries. The following events occurred a couple of Mondays ago. Enjoy!

I got to work, wearing my other present that my guy had bought for me at Winners. I was sporting my striped dress shirt. It was blue with white stripes.

My guy went out with the new writer for lunch.  They returned from lunch just after I had arrived. Both of them liked my shirt. My guy asked me to do a catwalk. I wasn't interested in doing that. I am not that flashy sort of type. I'd probably do that in private, though.

Our boss came over to talk to my guy. I got pulled into the conversation. I actually had to come over to my guy's laptop and look at all the errors that he was getting running our software product's latest version.

Our boss then left our conversation. I was standing right next to my guy. He liked what he was seeing on me.

Moments later, he came over to my desk to talk. His hand went down the front of my shirt and groped my right breast. He then whispered the following in my left ear:
"Your black bra under your shirt is so sexy."
He asked that we have a treehouse meeting after work. I was fine with putting that into my schedule!

I could tell that my guy was getting a bit frustrated with trying to get our software product to run. He finally ran the upgrade script and things seemed to be working. I asked him to check. He asked if this was a "dry run," referring to the time where we were in the treehouse and he was dry-humping me from behind. Sure enough, everything was working fine software-wise.

So, we packed up our stuff and headed to our respective cars. We then drove to our usual spot and climbed into the treehouse.

I took off my long coat and placed it over the passenger front seat. We kissed a lot. I can never grow tired of kissing his tender, sweet lips.

He whispered that he wanted to test out unbuttoning my striped dress shirt. He did just that and went to fondle my breasts that were under my black bra.

My guy kissed my tummy. He then made a noise that resembled a fart while kissing me. We both laughed. Well, I laughed because I was ticklish, but we both laughed because it was such a funny sound. I excused myself. My guy thanked me for letting him kiss me there.

My slacks came off. I actually pulled them down because my guy found them to be elaborate. There was a side button and two hooks. He made me reach orgasm rather quickly. I was so turned on.

He fingered my butt next as we continued to kiss. He managed to finger my clit, too. Moments later, I came again. Yep, I was horny and my guy works wonders.

My guy did something different. He took down his slacks and briefs, and then shifted positions so that he was kneeling on the car's floor. He wanted me to give him a blowjob. I was lying on my side, stretched across the backseat of his car. I had his hard cock in my mouth and I groped his left buttock.

My guy likes being fingered. I attempted to finger his butt, but I was in such an awkward position. So, we changed back to something that we were used to. We need a cube van to really do what we wanted to properly.

He decided to spank me while I was giving him a blowjob. I felt so overwhelmed. I felt almost helpless. I actually had to stop, which made me feel sad. I was so upset that I sat there, with my head hanging down, crying.

I am lucky to be with a guy who is understanding and who senses when I am sad. He sat up and tried to lift my head up with both his hands on my face. He saw tears. I cried. He held me in his arms and sweetly asked why I was crying. I felt like I had let him down. He told me that all was okay.

He got a tissue and wiped my tears away. He buttoned up my shirt like the gentleman that he is. I always feel like a doll when he does that, which I enjoy.

My guy pulled up with briefs and slacks, and proceeded to get his laptop from his car's trunk. He came back into the treehouse and I took his laptop from him, so it would be easier for him to step inside.

When we first started seeing each other and he was on the road, he would tell me over Skype about a movie that turned him on. The movie had an older guy as a piano instructor who was giving music lessons to a young woman. My guy did the play-by-play comments back then, but I had never seen it. We watched it on his laptop.

The older guy reminded me of my guy. No, I don't mean the age thing. This man was touching her shoulders, her arms, and then made his way down to her breasts, and so on. She kept on resisting at first, but she ultimately caved and engaged in kissing and having sex with him. He reminded me of my guy and how he showed that he liked me at the start of our relationship.

My guy was clearly turned on. His erect penis made another appearance. This time, I was giving him a handjob as we were both watching the movie. My guy eventually came.
"Thank you for giving me a second chance," I whispered in his ear.
"There are always be more opportunities," he replied, understandably dopey.
We cleaned up and then cuddled. I always feel safe and content in his arms.

I'll write about what he had discussed in another blog entry.

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