Monday, January 11, 2021

More thoughts from my friend's funeral

My friend organized her entire funeral. We are similar in that we are natural planners. She wasn't a control freak. She simply wanted to take care of it without burdening others. It was just who she was.

She made sure that everyone had a bagged lunch after the service. It made me smile. It was so her.

She left a voice message to all of us. She said that we were her miracle. Her daughter let out a sob. I lost it there as tears trickled down my face. It felt good hearing her voice.

She chose the music that was played. I have the list, which is now a part of my playlist and will always remind me of her.

At the end, Amazing Grace was played. The Mayo Clinic managed to record her heartbeat. Her heartbeat was then used as the beat for the song, which had guitar as the melody. It was unique and I felt connected to her -- as if she were saying to everyone that they would be okay.

I managed to grieve at her streamed funeral. I felt a lot better today. It was a lovely service celebrating her life. She somehow managed to reassure us that things were going to be okay. I am healing one day at a time.


  1. OH WOW. I got goosebumps reading this. What a way to remember her. I love that they managed to incorporate her heartbeat into the song. I'm sure the service will be in your memory for a long long time.

    1. I loved the heartbeat as the beat to the song. Perhaps that's one reason why I felt better after attending her funeral service. I felt connected and closer to her, because her heartbeat and her love was shared with everyone.

  2. Hi Cutiebootie - Just catching up on your blog. So sorry to hear about your friend passing. My condolences. I am glad you were able to attend the service virtually and the service just sounds amazing.
    Wishing you peace and whatever you may need during this time.

    (These COVID times can make things especially hard. I can relate on some level as my father and a close friend both recently passed)


    1. Hi, Enzo. It's great hearing from you. I am so sorry about your father and good friend both passing on recently. It's tough, especially with a pandemic happening. I'm sending you good thoughts and hope that you continue to heal. I appreciate your kind words and sharing what you are going through, too.