Sunday, January 03, 2021

Vacation is nearly over

My two-week vacation is nearly over. Originally, I had three weeks of vacation planned. I wish that I had kept it on the one hand. I do feel that it is best to keep it at two weeks. I may not want to work again if I do three weeks!

I train a new intern on Monday. My manager originally thought that he'd get involved in training. Frankly, I see that being a disaster, as he doesn't have the skills to answer specific questions related to our authoring tool. So, I decided to cut my vacation short and take this remaining week of vacation after my two weeks of training delivery are over.

I earned an extra week of vacation last year thanks to hitting my ten-year work anniversary. It's unfortunate that I can't travel due to the pandemic. However, it has been nice taking time off from work and doing whatever I feel like doing, even if it's just lounging at home.

I spent my first few days doing nothing but relaxing. I then moved to cooking, baking, organizing, and driving around. It has been great. I have enjoyed unwinding.


  1. Glad to hear you got some time to do all the things you feel like doing. I had some problems with the new HR system my workplace has installed and suddenly my leave days got chopped. I've let my boss know that it needs fixing. I hope it doesn't become a big problem.

    It's back to work tomorrow for me. Hope you have a good start to the new work year!

    1. I hope that the HR system issues get fixed. Our system is incredibly archaic, but it still chugs along.

      I hope that you are having a good first day back at work!