Monday, January 25, 2021

Walking down grade 2 memory lane with a class photo

Back in early July, a friend reached out to me on a Facebook group. We were in grades 2 and 5 together. I haven't talked to her in decades. We messaged each other and caught up on our lives.

A few hours ago, she tagged me in our grade 2 class photo. There were some missing names. I managed to fill in the gaps, except for one person.

I shocked myself in that I could vividly spell people's names and it felt like I was in grade 2 again. My friend's memory is pretty good, too. Between the two of us, we produced a list of everyone in the photo, minus the one guy.

She said that she's grateful that she found me. Likewise!

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  1. Oh what a wonderful journey back in time. I've got about half of my primary school class connected on Facebook in a group I set up... but can't seem to find the others.