Thursday, January 14, 2021

My mom and her memory loss

For years, I have witnessed my mom's memory deteriorate. Yesterday, it took quite a dip that has left a lasting impression on me.

My mom talked to me and said that there was some man living in the same house. I had no idea who or what she was talking about.

This man was my dad. She didn't know that he was my mom's husband.

I said that this man was her hubby. She then replied that she didn't know that she was married. I asked her how I was born without a dad. She simply didn't know.

It was quite telling. However, when I asked her if she knew who I was, she immediately said both my first and last names.

It's such a shame seeing a great memory slowly deteriorate. It makes me a bit nervous, as I have a similar memory, I hope that I don't follow this same path.

I'm not sure how to deal with memory loss. Here's to more research. Perhaps having her look at old photos may be helpful. Then again, I don't want to frustrate her if she can't remember who the folks are in them.


  1. Oh i'm so sorry. It must be really confusing for her. I hope looking at some old photos will help jog her memory. But if it doesn't then perhaps stopping the exercise will be best. Sending hugs.

    1. It's weird and confusing, for sure. She seems to be fine when she sees her wedding photo. When she sees a photo of my dad, sometimes she knows who he is, but last night wasn't good at all! I'm taking it slow with her.

  2. One thing I learned when my mom went through this was never try to convince them they are wrong. Question gently as you did and then divert the conversation. There were times when my mom confused me with her sister I lied and talked to her as sister not daughter. Those episodes passed quickly to something else. Do research as most memory loss is due to damage to brain cells. Good luck it is heartbreaking and frustrating to see this.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience and advice. I appreciate it. I am glad that I didn't tell her that she was wrong the other night.

      She experienced a stroke years ago, followed by a couple of seizures. All these events have likely contributed to her brain cells being damaged over time.