Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sweet, meaningful kisses and bagels

My guy drove back home on Friday from Montreal. He called me a few times during his road trip:
  • Once at 17:20. I was still in a meeting at work. It was nice that I got interrupted to answer his call. I said that his call was better than my calling my own cell phone to end the monotony and tragic situation of having such a late meeting on a Friday afternoon.
  • He called me two hours later to let me know that he was half an hour away from our meeting place in Scarborough. I responded by saying yay, which made him chuckle.
  • His last call was in the parking lot. I told him that I was parked in front of the bank. It was funny that we were still talking to each other as we were parked next to each other's car, looking and smiling at each other.
We got out of our respective cars and hugged. It was nice hugging him tightly. He liked that, too. We held hands.

We met briefly. My guy bought me a batch (four dozen) of Montreal-style bagels. They smelled wonderful. I thanked him by kissing him and telling him that I appreciated his kind gesture. The way that I was holding the two plastic bags made me think that I had a boob job. My guy laughed.

My guy kissed me. He's sweet.

He couldn't stay long, as he had to head home and get ready for a month-long business trip to South Africa. His flight was on early Saturday afternoon.

I am glad that we both got to see each other.


  1. So happy you got to see each other and your guy brought you such a sweet gift, CB. Sorry he couldn't stay longer and you're going to be apart for so long. Have you heard any more about possibly switching positions?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat. Let's hope that the month passes faster!

      I haven't heard any news about potentially changing positions these days. I actually e-mailed my guy's boss, but have heard nothing -- not even an acknowledgement. It's sad.

      So, I am still stuck doing the work of three people. Luckily, I am training a new intern this week. I am hoping that she can help me reduce my workload. She's been great so far.