Thursday, January 14, 2016

From cuddling to quality time

On Sunday, my guy wanted to cuddle with me. So, we headed over to my car. He got into the backseat. I drove us to a quiet location of the parking lot and joined him.

We cuddled. I love when we do. I feel safe in his arms.

He lightly smacked by backside.
"I'm good!" I exclaimed.
"You are never good," he said, continuing to spank me lightly.
"I thought that we were going to cuddle," I said, enjoying being in his arms.
I could tell that he liked the time that we had. He stopped the lovetaps. Instead, we kissed. I have missed his full lips for a while. He felt the same way about mine.

He unzipped my jacket and played with my breasts. He then placed his hand under my shirt and brought out my breasts from my bra, playing with my hard nipples.

He wanted to finger my butt. He had his hand partway down my backside. I didn't feel like it. Instead, he went to the front door, so to speak. He unzipped my jeans and pleasured me until I came.

It was nice. I was dopey and lethargic.

We kissed a bit more. I strategically placed my hand on his crotch. Yep, his member was hard. I kept caressing it. Finally, we let his hard cock out for me to do a handjob. My guy played with my breasts some more as I continued to jerk him off. He came all over my hand. We were both happy.

Naturally, we cleaned up. We hugged a bit more and woke up. I then drove him over to his car. We kissed and hugged.

I wished him a safe drive to Montreal. He did the same for me, but I was driving home.

He made it safely to Montreal. He called me hours later. It was a good thing that he left two hours before the snow hit Scarborough. He missed all that nastiness. He only misses me.


  1. A bit of cuddling, a bit of fun and a bit more cuddling...what a nice send off for your guy, CB. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It's the perfect cuddle sandwich, with fun being the meat of it. =)