Monday, January 04, 2016

Last spanking of 2015

My final spanking of last year was fun and a bit different. I brought the flower fly swatter with me. My guy liked how it felt in the hand. He also liked envisioning my backside getting sore and red after using it on me.
"It's now the time of truth," my guy said. "Are you a good or bad girl?"
"You have always said that I am bad," I replied. "If I kiss you, can we avoid spanking me as a punishment?"
"Try it and we'll see what happens," my guy replied.
"I think that you'll still spank me, but I want to kiss you."
We kissed. He has such sweet, soft lips.
"I have missed those lips," I told him.
"I love kissing you," he responded.
It was time for my spanking. I played the girl who didn't want to go over his knee. He led me over his knee and started to swat me with the fly swatter. My panties were already down to my calves. I suggested that he hike up my skirt. The swats across each buttock hurt more, as expected.

My guy actually liked the fly swatter's handle more, which was sturdy and green. He used that across my bottom. I could feel the sting that it was making. My guy remarked that my butt was getting pink.

I love a hand spanking. It is intimate. It also hurts more.

My guy reinforced that I was a bad girl and continued spanking with his bare hand. As expected, as more hard smacks landed across each bare buttock, I could feel my butt smarting. I covered as much as my backside as I could with my right hand.
"Move your gorgeous hand," my guy commanded, taping my hand lightly with his.
"It hurts," I whined.
"Good. You deserve it!"
My guy held my hand behind my lower back. He spanked me even harder for my stunt. He paused a couple of times to see how wet I was. I was extremely excited. He teased me by making me orgasm. I wanted to. He wasn't ready for me to do so, so he spanked me some more.

Of course, I called him Mr. Meanie. The hard smacks continued. He played with me some more. I wanted to orgasm. He spanked me some more.

Finally, when he felt that the time was right for me to climax, he fingered me until I did. It was incredible. I loved it. I was limp across his lap.

He lightly tapped my backside. Even the light taps hurt.
"Are you going to stop spanking me?" I asked him in a relaxed tone.
"Yes," he said, tapping each buttock one last time before letting me get up.
I hugged him tightly after I got up and sat next to him. He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead.


  1. End the year as you intend to continue the next year, CB? LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Exactly! It helps to transition smoothly from one year to another. =)