Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday spanking video capturing a milestone for Sarah Gregory

Just the thought of a birthday spanking gets me all happy, wet, and excited. I love everything about getting a birthday spanking -- from the anticipation of knowing that I will be getting one, going over a nice, comfy lap, to ultimately getting my birthday smacks across my bare bottom.

Sarah Gregory celebrated reaching thirty years of age. I love this birthday spanking. In the past, I have had my birthday smacks delivered to both cheeks. Sometimes, the count would alternate between cheeks. Other times, it would be all smacks applied to one cheek, and then equally applied to the other.

This video does it all. The birthday spanking begins with a cute pair of panties on the birthday girl, who goes across her mama's lap. They come down and it happens all over again. It is just great!

I sure wish that I had a birthday every day!

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