Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whiskers update

Over a month ago, I wrote about buying a hair removal system that slows down your hair growth to the point where the hair is permanently removed. This post is an update.

The idea is that you use this system every two weeks. You have to shave the areas where you have hair that you want to remove, and then you use the device to safely zap the area. This week will be my fourth application.

The verdict so far? It does work. You just need a lot of patience.

I have dark hair and a medium complexion. They are the perfect combination for this device.

I am also tall for a woman and have long legs. It takes a long time to thoroughly use the device to treat each leg. It takes me an hour to do both legs.

It has only been three treatments. Here are my results:

  • A few hairs remain around my navel (yes, I did have a sort of hairy ring around my belly button)
  • Roughly ten to twenty hairs under each armpit (I had moderate hair growth there, which is no longer the case)
  • Practically no hair around my nipples (yay!)
  • Small patches of stumble along my legs
  • Some whiskers on my face, although the growth has slowed down
  • Very few hairs on my forearms
I have yet to do my bikini area. I finally got around to lady-scaping it recently.

It's a good product. Most want results quickly. This device won't give fast results. If you're patient, you will see the results in phases. Patience, young grasshopper, as they say.

I'll keep you posted. I am pleased with not shaving as much. 

The unpleasant part about this exercise? I don't like shaving my face. I feel like a man. I get 5 o'clock shadow! My guy is happy that I get to experience what he does every day. However, he is jealous that it takes me a minute for me to shave my face!


  1. Hey CB...would definitely be interested in this device. Is it super expensive? Where would I purchase it? Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Hey, Cat! The device was on sale on The Shopping Channel here in Canada. I am sure that it's cheaper in the States (QVC may have it). It's the Silk'n Glide At Home Hair Removal Kit. I got mine for $130 CAD. It is well worth it.

    2. Thanks CB...will have to look for it.

  2. If it is the one I think it is, I am trying to save up for it!


    1. Hi, Kathy! Are you saving up for the Silk'n Glide?

    2. The Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx is the model I am considering.

    3. Great! It's still in the Silk'n line, so I have good vibes about that model doing a decent job like the one that I have.